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[802SEC] Ballot Results: +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for Get802 program

Dear SEC,

The tally on the below SEC Email ballot is as follows:

01 Geoff Thompson             APP
02 Buzz Rigsbee	DIS
03 Bob O'Hara	            APP
04 Bill Quackenbush           APP
05 Tony Jeffree	DIS
06 Bob Grow		            APP
07 Stuart Kerry	            APP
08 Bob Heile                  APP
09 Roger Marks    DIS
10 Mike Takefman  DIS
11 Carl Stevenson	DIS
		total:-5-	-0-	-6-	-0-
                  DIS   DNV   APP   ABS

6 APPROVES required to PASS.
Ballot PASSES (6APP, 5DIS, 0DNV, 0ABS)


--Paul Nikolich
Chair IEEE 802

-----Original Message-----
[]On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 8:16 PM
To: 'IEEE802'
Subject: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for
Get802 program (closes Apr 16 2002)

Dear SEC,

We have a proposed motion with a mover and a seconder.  We have had
discussion.  We have had votes.  BUT the chair has not put the question to a
formal email vote....until NOW.

This is an SEC email ballot on making a determination on the below SEC
motion to release 802 funds for the Get802 program, moved by Bill
Quackenbush, seconded by Bob Grow.

The email ballot opens on Tuesday April 9 9PM EDT and closes Tuesday April
16 9PM EDT.

Motion: (Bill Quackenbush moves, Bob Grow seconds)

Now that the IEEE-SA has reinstated the Get802 program according to
the original agreement with IEEE 802, 802 funds for the Get802 program that
were escrowed at the March SEC meetings are hereby released from escrow
for payment to the IEEE-SA according to the terms of the Get 802 program

Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector.  (Note: any votes you
think you cast on this item prior to this email have not been official and
you must re-vote)


--Paul Nikolich
Chair 802