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Re: [802SEC] Corrected Ballot Results: +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for Get802 program


I hate to be a nuisance, but I suggest that we all take a
deep breath and realize that we are talking about an
expenditure of ~$200,000, which ain't chump change.

I thank Paul for restating the tally, and I prefer this
outcome to that which was previously announced, but may
I respectfully submit that the correct action is to defer
this decision until we have had more time to collect facts,
negotiate, and debate.

This is a very important program, and it involves a whole
lot of work, and a whole lot of money. I want to see it
succeed.  I hope that my earlier message was not
misinterpretted by the staff personel who are members of
this reflector. I am not trying to tank the Get802 program.
I do believe that now is not the time to commit our funds.


Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Dear SEC,
> I made an error on the tally for the below SEC Email ballot.
> The updated tally is as follows:
> 01 Geoff Thompson             APP
> 02 Buzz Rigsbee DIS
> 03 Bob O'Hara               APP
> 04 Bill Quackenbush           APP
> 05 Tony Jeffree DIS
> 06 Bob Grow                         APP
> 07 Stuart Kerry DIS
> 08 Bob Heile                  APP
> 09 Roger Marks    DIS
> 10 Mike Takefman  DIS
> 11 Carl Stevenson       DIS
>                 total:-6-       -0-     -5-     -0-
>                   DIS   DNV   APP   ABS
> 6 APPROVES required to PASS.
> Ballot FAILS (5APP, 6DIS, 0DNV, 0ABS)
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich
> Chair IEEE 802
> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> []On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
> Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 8:16 PM
> To: 'IEEE802'
> Subject: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for
> Get802 program (closes Apr 16 2002)
> Dear SEC,
> We have a proposed motion with a mover and a seconder.  We have had
> discussion.  We have had votes.  BUT the chair has not put the question to a
> formal email vote....until NOW.
> This is an SEC email ballot on making a determination on the below SEC
> motion to release 802 funds for the Get802 program, moved by Bill
> Quackenbush, seconded by Bob Grow.
> The email ballot opens on Tuesday April 9 9PM EDT and closes Tuesday April
> 16 9PM EDT.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------
> Motion: (Bill Quackenbush moves, Bob Grow seconds)
> Now that the IEEE-SA has reinstated the Get802 program according to
> the original agreement with IEEE 802, 802 funds for the Get802 program that
> were escrowed at the March SEC meetings are hereby released from escrow
> for payment to the IEEE-SA according to the terms of the Get 802 program
> agreement.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------
> Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector.  (Note: any votes you
> think you cast on this item prior to this email have not been official and
> you must re-vote)
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich
> Chair 802