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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC Rules Change Letter Ballot +++ Defining times for Opening and Closing SEC Meetings

I vote "Approve".


At 12:00 29/05/2002 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>I vote "Disapprove", with the following comments:
>The proposed time of the Closing SEC Meeting is too late. The change will 
>extend the SEC member's responsibility by 18 hours each meeting; due to 
>travel limitations, this will, in effect, be a 24 hour extension. This 
>extra responsibility will seriously limit the pool of potential SEC candidates.
>Perhaps more importantly, the delay will limit the access of observers to 
>the SEC process. Regular 802 participants will find it difficult to 
>justify saying over another night to observe. Furthermore, given that 802 
>Plenary Sessions are virtually always in the US, non-US participants will 
>have an extremely long trip if they wish to attend the SEC as observers. 
>The same is true of SEC members, of course, which means that this change 
>will strongly limit our ability to expand our contingent of non-US SEC members.
>The 802.16 Working Group has taken a strong stance on this issue, 
>approving unanimously in its Closing Plenary (24 May 2002) the following 
>motion: "To urge that SEC meetings be concluded by noon on Friday of each 
>802 Plenary week in order to ensure that SEC meetings remain open in 
>practice as well as in theory."
>I suggest that the rules change be modified to provide that the Closing 
>SEC Meeting be held from 8 am until noon on Friday. I see the following 
>*SEC members and observers could go home on Friday afternoon.
>*This schedule would reduce or eliminate the possibility of WGs holding 
>the closing meetings just before the SEC meeting. WGs would have time to 
>get their work in order.
>*This schedule would accommodate WGs that need more time than is allowed 
>by the Thursday night SEC meeting. WGs could, if necessary, hold their 
>closing plenaries on Thursday night. For example, 802.16 has decided to do 
>so in July.
>*A Friday afternoon SEC meeting would provide only about four hours more 
>WG time than a Friday morning SEC meeting. Most of this could be recovered 
>on Thursday night, if groups aren't already putting that time to use.
>*Groups that need more time can and should adjust their starting times 
>appropriately. Sunday is available if necessary.
>*Another possibility to which I am open is to move the SEC Opening Meeting 
>to Sunday night and scheduling the 802 Opening Plenary for 8-9 am Monday. 
>This would let the WGs get started at 9 am Monday morning. Other WGs, at 
>their option, could still start later. This earlier SEC start would entail 
>an additional burden for SEC members. However, for most, it doesn't entail 
>any extra nights away from home.
>At 4:52 PM -0500 02/03/17, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>>Dear SEC,
>>Scope:  Rules Change to set the Plenary Session opening and closing SEC
>>meeting times.
>>Purpose: To give Working Groups more meeting time by moving the closing SEC
>>meeting to Friday and to eliminate confusion surrounding the times of the
>>opening and closing SEC meetings.
>>At the March 2001 Plenary Session Howard Frazier proposed making the times
>>of the opening and closing SEC meetings during plenary sessions flexible'
>>with respect to absolute start times.  He proposed a rules change which Paul
>>Nikolich was to have initiated.  The rules change process was never started,
>>resulting in the closing SEC meeting times being set in an ad-hoc manner
>>(March, Fri 8-12PM; July, Fri 3-7PM; November, Fri 3-7PM; March 02, Friday
>>1-6PM tentatively)
>>The ballot opens March 18, 2002 and closes June 8, 2002 12 midnight EDT
>>(remember if you do not vote or abstain it is equivalent to a DISAPPROVE
>>vote).  Buzz, please ensure this gets sent to the 802-wide email list as
>>well.  WG chairs, please invite your WG members to comment through you.
>>--Paul Nikolich