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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC Rules Change Letter Ballot +++ Addition of second vice chair position to SEC


I agree with Roger's comments

At 10:36 AM 5/29/02 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>I vote "Disapprove", with the following comments:
>Under the current position descriptions, we do not need two Vice Chairs 
>any more than we need two Chairs, two Treasurers, or two Recording 
>Secretaries. In each of these cases, we are better off with one.
>As described in the rules, the duties of the Vice Chair come down to 
>maintaining the rules change process. While this is an important 
>responsibility, it does not cry out for a second person to help manage it. 
>On the contrary, having two people in charge of the same task only 
>decreases the likelihood of someone taking responsibility for it.
>Before I can support a rules change to specify two Vice Chairs, I would 
>like to see their explicit assignments defined. I don't think it's 
>appropriate to split the work by technical topic (e.g., wireless/wireline) 
>because the SEC is not a technical body. I think it would be more valuable 
>to take a look at where the SEC needs some help. I suggest that the place 
>to look is Procedure 8 ("PROCEDURE FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT"), which lists a 
>number of jobs that are currently not done at all or have been done by the 
>Vice Chair. Many of those jobs are related to the general topic of 
>gathering and distributing information about our standardization 
>activities. Perhaps we should re-write Procedure 8, adding related 
>assignments that we need help with (webmaster, publicity coordinator, 
>etc.) and dividing up the work among two Vice Chairs.
>At 2:42 PM -0500 02/03/31, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>>Dear SEC,
>>This email provides notice of the rules change letter ballot for the
>>addition of a second vice chair to the SEC.  The detailed changes are
>>included in the attached PDF file.
>>Scope:  Rules Change to add a second SEC vice chair.
>>Purpose: To amend to rules allow the SEC to have two vice chair positions.
>>The scope and size of the IEEE Project 802 has increased to the point where
>>the amount of project 802 management work and range of knowledge has
>>significantly increased in the past 5 years.  Adding a second vice chair to
>>the sponsor executive committee will better enable it to manage IEEE 802's
>>wide range of activities.
>>The ballot opens March 31, 2002 and closes June 8, 2002 12 midnight EDT
>>(remember if you do not vote or abstain it is equivalent to a DISAPPROVE
>>vote).  Buzz, please ensure this gets sent to the 802-wide email list as
>>well.  WG chairs, please invite your WG members to comment through you.
>>--Paul Nikolich
>>Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Project
>>cell:    857.205.0050
>>mail:   18 Bishops Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940

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