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[802SEC] Preparation for July IEEE 802 News Bulletin

To:   WG and TAG Chairs, plus Known WG Publicity Chairs (802.11, 
802.15, and 802.16)
From: Roger Marks, Public Relations "Point of Contact"
Subj: Preparation for July IEEE 802 News Bulletin


In March, we help a meeting to discuss 802 publicity (see the meeting 
notes <>). One of the key 
points of the discussion was that many of the WG/TAGs would like to 
have a successful "IEEE 802 News Bulletin". Another was that this 
will require a draft to be completed two weeks before each Plenary. 
[We also discussed the need for a page on the 802 web site explaining 
the background of 802 and its projects and providing a glossary of 
standards development terms; however, this hasn't progressed.]

We were not able to follow up the November News Bulletin 
<> with a March 
edition due to the lack of input from several of the Working Groups. 
In a followup conference call I had with Paul Nikolich, Angela Ortiz, 
Karen McCabe, and Michael Bratnick, it was decided to try for a July 
Bulletin. I agreed to put together a draft based on material 
submitted by the Groups.

I am now soliciting input from each of the WG/TAGs (and others of 
you, if you have something to contribute). I suggest that you base 
your input on the format of the November Bulletin. For example, I 
have attached (below) 802.16's input. Of course, we can't know what 
will come out of the meeting, but we can take a guess based on the 
agenda. I recommend that you be optimistic about the outcome of any 
anticipated votes; that's what I have done.

I will be in Beijing from June 20-28 due and may therefore be 
generally out of touch. So, here is my request:

*Submit your draft news to me by June 19 so I can have it before my trip.
*I'll assemble it all into a unified draft and send it back by June 
24. I plan to do some editing so as to maintain a constant format 
throughout (e.g, uniform acronyms, etc.).
*If you need to miss the June 19 deadline, tell me your plans and 
send your input to me (and Micheal <>) 
late instead of never. I will try to incorporate it before June 24.
*If I receive nothing from a WG or TAG, I will just make up something 
bland, like "the 802.27 Working Group met to continue its work under 
PAR 802.27r." I suspect that the Groups who submit material will want 
to go ahead with it this time, even if some other Groups choose not 
to participate.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.



The IEEE 802.16 Wireless MAN Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
Draft Items for the July IEEE 802 News Bulletin
*WARNING: These results are anticipated but not guaranteed to happen!

*802.16a Draft, Extending IEEE Std 802.16 to 2 to 11 GHz, Moves to 
IEEE 802 Sponsor Ballot

The 802 Executive Committee has forwarded, for IEEE 802 Sponsor 
Ballot, the P802.16a draft, which will extend the IEEE 802.16 
WirelessMAN (TM) standard for applicability to 2-11 GHz bands, both 
licensed and license-exempt. Plans call for finalization of the 
standard by October 2002. The standard will provide a foundation for 
the expansion of wireless metropolitan area networks in residential 

*Basic Interoperability Testing for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air 
Interface Developing Rapidly

The 802 Executive Committee has also forwarded, for IEEE 802 Sponsor 
Ballot, the P802.16c draft. This quickly-moving project, which was 
officially initiated only on May 9, will enhance the development of 
interoperability tests for systems built to the 10-66 GHz 
WirelessMAN-SC air interface. Completion is planned for September 
2002. In preparation for the next step in testing, the 802 Executive 
Committee approved a request to forward, for IEEE-SA approval, 
Project Authorization Request P1802.16.1 to define a Protocol 
Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) Proforma document for the 
air interface.

*Recommended Practice on 2-11 GHz Coexistence Moves to Working Group Ballot

The 802.16 Working Group accepted the output of the 802.16.2a Task 
Group as a draft standard and agreed to initiate a Working Group 
Letter Ballot seeking to forward it to the next stage of balloting. 
The Working Group moved to delete the 2.5 GHz band from the scope of 
the project due to a lack of contributions in this area.

*802.16 Study Group on Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Recommends Directions

The 802.16 Study Group on Mobile Broadband Wireless Access, holding 
its second meeting, decided to proceed to develop two projects: one 
to add portability enhancements to IEEE Std 802.16/802.16a, and 
another to define a new project for broadband wireless access at 
vehicular speeds. The Study Group was renewed for an additional four 
months and expects to conclude its work in November.

For additional details on these items, contact Roger Marks, IEEE 
802.16 Chair, at

Upcoming IEEE 802.16 Meetings:

* 23 to 27 September 2002 -- IEEE 802.16 interim meeting in Cheju, Korea.
* 11 to 15 November 2002 -- IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in Koloa, Hawaii, USA