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RE: [802SEC] Heads up on 802.18 document I hope to present for approval


FYI, Paul is on vacation until the 9th. Geoff is also on vacation, and I am
unsure of his return.  However, Paul did authorize me to initiate any
critical SEC e-mail ballots required prior to the 9th.  

Regarding your Heads Up 1:  I will watch for an e-mail from you on the 7th
if you need a ballot.  You can also reach me via my cell if necessary: 


But I should be in the office that day.  I would ask that if you request the
ballot, that you provide me the complete text of the motion you require when
you make the request, and have someone ready to immediately second it.

Thanks and Regards,


Matthew Sherman
Vice Chair, IEEE 802
Technology Consultant
Communications Technology Research 
AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory 
Room B255, Building 103 
180 Park Avenue 
P.O. Box 971 
Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971 
Phone: +1 (973) 236-6925 
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From: Stevenson, Carl R (Carl) []
Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2002 11:47 AM
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Subject: [802SEC] Heads up on 802.18 document I hope to present for
Importance: High

Dear SEC,

In May, you approved the filing of document 18-02-005r0
"Comments of IEEE 802 in ET Docket No. 02-98," relating
to a potential upgrade of the Amateur Radio Service to
Primary status at 2400-2402 MHz and a potential Primary
allocation to the Amateur Satellite Service in the same band.

Those comments were filed on July 29, 2002 (the deadline day).

ARRL and several other parties have filed some reasonably
substantive comments, which I feel deserve some rebuttal
in Reply Comments, along with a reiteration of our points.

I have called a teleconference meeting of 802.18 for Wed.,
August 7 from 1200-1400 EDT to discuss, and hopefully
approve, a set of reply comments.  (I am drafting a 1st draft
which will be circulated to 802.18 members for review by
no later than early morning EDT Mon., Aug. 5, and will take
any comments into account and circulate a final draft prior
to the teleconference meeting.)

The reply comments will be consistent with the thrust
of our original approved comments and intended to support
them by rebutting contrary views and reinforcing ours.


If I am able to get a quorum of the 802.18 voting members
on the teleconference meeting, and the document is approved
per LMSC TAG rules, I will be asking the SEC for a SHORT
letter ballot to approve the document as an 802 filing.  This
letter ballot will need to commence on Aug. 7 and close on
Aug. 12.  (Paul, Geoff, Matt ... please be prepared to step
in an initiate a letter ballot on my motion promptly, as time
is of the essence ...)

HOPEFULLY, enough SEC members will not be on vacation or
other travel to preclude achieving the 2/3 majority SEC
approval necessary to file as an 802 filing ... please make every
effort to approve this as an 802 filing.


In the alternative, I will simultaneously consider the interval between
Aug 7 and Aug 12 as the 5 day SEC review period required
for a TAG filing, commencing upon my submission of the document
to the SEC reflector (presumably on the afternoon of Aug. 7), with
that 5 day review period expiring on Aug. 12.

In other words, if there are enough "DID NOT VOTE"s to
prevent acheiving a 2/3 majority of the SEC, I will take the
alternative approach of filing as a TAG filing, assuming that
no SEC member makes a motion to block such filing within
the 5 day review period.  (but filing as 802 is better than filing
just as the TAG)

Since the deadline for filing Reply Comments in this proceeding
is Tue., Aug. 13, this will allow me just enough time to do the
necessary reformatting, add an appropriate cover letter, etc. and
file electronically on the deadline day.

I will be in Washington Mon and Tue, returning home Tue evening,
then going back to Washington Thu evening for meeings Fri.
Please feel free to call me on my cellphone if you have pressing
questions.  I will be checking e-mail as frequently as possible while
away from home ... usually early morning before meetings and late
evening after dinner.


Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
610-965-8799 (home office)
610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
610-570-6168 (cellphone)
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