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stds-802-16: conditions completed to send 802.16a to IEEE Sponsor Ballot

Dear SEC:

On 12 July, the 802 SEC granted conditional approval, under Procedure 10 of the 802 Rules, to forward P802.16a to LMSC Sponsor Ballot.

Final recirculation of Working Group Letter Ballot #7 was completed with Confirmation Ballot #7a, which closed last night. The complete report is posted:

In summary, the final results were:

Approve         86
Dis              3
Abstain          5
Approval Ratio  97%

During Confirmation Ballot, no comments were received. Four votes were received; all were "Approve with No Comments". Three of these votes came from previous Disapprove voters; a fourth came from a member who had declined to vote in the original ballot.

In accordance with Procedure 10, this note informs the SEC that all the conditions have been met and that the document will be forwarded immediately to the IEEE Balloting Center.