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[802SEC] Proposed Chair's Guideline re cross-WG document access

Paul asked me to draft some text for a proposed guideline. My first cut can 
be found below. I will re-draft based on any comments I receive within the 
next 30 days (i.e., by 10th November).



Chair's Guideline regarding cross-WG document and Email reflector access

In recognition of the fact that active participants in the activities of 
one 802 Working Group (or Study Group or Technical Advisory Group) often 
have a legitimate need to study the work of other Working Groups/Study 
Groups/TAGs in 802, access to the private areas of any 802 WG/TAG/SG 
website, and to any 802 WG/TAG/SG Email exploder, should be granted to any 
participant in any other 802 WG/TAG/SG if such access is requested by that 

For the purposes of this guideline, a "participant" is taken to be one of 
the following:

- A current voting member of a WG/TAG/SG;
- Any individual identified by the Chair of a WG/TAG/SG as a participant in 
the activities of that WG/TAG/SG.

Confirmation of the "participant" status of an individual requesting such 
access can be obtained, if necessary, from the Chair of the WG/TAG/SG 

Some of the existing 802 WGs already operate reciprocal access arrangements 
to the private areas of their websites; for example, the username/password 
for the 802.1 website allows access to the private areas of the 802.11 
website, and vice versa. This practice is encouraged.