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[802SEC] Change of status of P802.1y

802.1 currently has a maintenance PAR for 802.1D, P802.1y. We have decided 
to change this PAR to a revision PAR, for a number of reasons:

- There are already 2 amendments to 802.1D. Tracking maintenance items 
across 3 documents is becoming tiresome and prone to error;
- A revision will give us the opportunity to consolidate all existing 
published parts of D (802.1D:1998, 802.1t, and 802.1w) and to apply the 
maintenance items currently documented under P802.1y;
- 802.1D:1998 is up for reaffirmation in 2003 anyway, so this will save a 
balloting step.

With Paul Nikolich's agreement, I have therefore submitted a revision PAR, 
to be numbered P802.1D, to the NesCom secretariat and asked for P802.1y to 
be withdrawn. The Scope and Purpose of the P802.1D PAR are closely similar 
to those in P802.1y, changed simply to reflect that consolidation of 
existing amendments into the base text is part of the scope. The text of 
the new PAR can be seen at: