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Re: [802SEC] Submission of 802.17a to Revcom


I was a little confused by your message; the title says RevCom, but you meant NesCom.

Anyway, NesCom presubmission is like RevCom presubmission. In both cases, you don't need a motion to do it; you just need the SEC Chair to OK it.


At 4:27 PM -0400 02/10/10, Mike Takefman wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>It has been mentioned to me by Tony that I should presubmit
>802.17a to NESCOM prior to the November 1 cutoff. As
>I had not requested this at the previous SEC meeting, I
>would like to propose the following SEC motion.
>"Move that the SEC grants approval for forwarding P802.17a to NesCom
>with the understanding that, should it not be approved during the
>November 2002 SEC Closing Plenary it shall be removed from the
>NesCom agenda".
>Background information:
>The PAR is part of the obligation of the existing 802.17 PAR and
>was unanimously approved at the September meeting.
>Tony helped me write the PAR so I expect it is correct.
>The PAR is under review in Kauai, and if there are issues the
>PAR will be pulled.
>Michael Takefman    
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