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[802SEC] PAR and 5 Criteria for 802.11k

From: "Stuart Kerry" <>
To: <>
Cc: <;;>
Subject: PAR and 5 Criteria for 802.11k
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 6:00 PM

Dear 802 SEC members:

This is notification under the 30-day rule that 802.11 is planning to submit
a new 
PAR at the November meeting to address Radio Resource Measurements in the
802.11 MAC and PHY.
Attached for your review is the PAR and 5Criteria ( to be designated as
project 802.11k) which was drafted by the Radio Resource Measurement Study
Group and approved by the full Working Group at its September meeting in
Monterey. This activity has attracted considerable interest within 802.11,
with Radio Resource Measurement Study Group attendance averaging 50 or so
people from over 35 companies. This project is  to define measurements and
develop mechanisms to provide 802.11 wireless network measurement
information to higher layers and new applications. 

We took the opportunity to have this reviewed by the Jodi Haasz of the IEEE
office. She made some suggestions and was satisfied that appropriate
language was included in the PAR.
Stuart Kerry, 
Chair - IEEE802.11 Working Group

 <<11-02-337r9-RRM-PAR-for-Radio Measurement.doc>>    

11-02-337r9-RRM-PAR-for-Radio Measurement.doc