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[802SEC] PAR and 5 Criteria for 802.11J

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Subject: PAR and 5 Criteria for 802.11J
Date: Friday, October 11, 2002

Dear 802 SEC members:

This is notification under the 30-day rule that 802.11 is planning to submit
a new 
PAR at the November meeting to address the IEEE802.11 - 4.9 GHz - 5GHz
Operation in 

Attached for your review is the PAR and 5 Criteria ( to be designated as
project 802.11J) 
which was drafted by the Wireless Next Generation Standing Committee and
by the full Working Group in a 15 day letter ballot. 

This activity has attracted considerable interest within 802.11, with
Wireless Next 
Generation Standing Committee attendance averaging 65 or so people from over

The authorization to investigate and draft a PAR and five criteria was
approved in the July 802.11 session with a vote in the WGN-SC of 90 approve,
0 disapprove, 
and 0 abstentions and in the WG Plenary with a vote of 101 approve, 0
disapprove and 
5 abstentions. In the September session the text of the PAR was completed.
a motion to issue a 15 day letter ballot within one week after the close of
the September 
2002 interim session was approved with a vote of 78 approve, 0 disapprove
and 1 abstention.  
Finally. the PAR was submitted for a 15 day letter ballot which was approved
with a vote of 
251 approve, 3 disapprove, and 10 abstentions. The results had a 98.8%
1.2% disapprove and 3.8% abstention. A total of 68.2% of the 802.11 voting
membership voted 
on this letter ballot. 

This project is to enhance the 802.11 standard and amendments, to add
channel selection 
for 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz in Japan; to conform to the Japanese rules on
operational mode, 
operational rate, radiated power, spurious emissions and channel sense (per
Ministry of 
Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) and 
subsequent regulatory committee or body ruling incorporating August 2002
5GHz rules ).

We took the opportunity to have this reviewed by the Jodi Haasz of the IEEE
office. She 
made some suggestions and was satisfied that appropriate language was
included in the 

Stuart Kerry, 
Chair - IEEE802.11 Working Group