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Re: [802SEC] Kibis in Kauai


As background to my comments, I should say that, though I am not in 
any way involved in this standards project, I am in favor of it.

People may misunderstand the history of this project when they read 
that the PAR was approved in May 2002. That was a revised PAR. The 
original PAR was approved on 8 December 1998. (I just looked it up.) 
The draft has been around for a very long time too. Perhaps that's 
why the Sponsor Ballot proceeded so quickly.

This topic has not been a secret. For example, Jim Carlo forwarded 
the SEC a coordinating note on this issue almost three years ago:
Attached to that note was P1541 Draft 2 (dated 1999-12-24) including 
virtually the same language as your Slide 2.

That coordinating note invited comment. I wrote to Bruce Barrow, and 
he replied.

Even earlier, and independently, I wrote to the SEC on this issue in 
December 1999:
with a followup by Vic:

My note cited a few other sources, including an August 1999 IEEE 
Spectrum article quoting Bruce Barrow:

as saying "it is unlikely the standard would be adopted before 
mid-2000." (Good prognostication!)


At 1:13 AM -0800 02/11/05, Howard Frazier wrote:
>Dear IEEE 802 LMSC SEC Members,
>I have asked Paul for a brief amount of time to
>make a presentation at the opening plenary
>meeting in Kauai on a subject that will come
>before the IEEE-SA Standards Board in
>December.  Attached please find a set of
>slides that will explain the issue.
>The topic is important, even though it is
>sometimes hard to discuss it with a straight face.
>I won't have enough time to present all of
>the slides at the plenary, but I plan to cover at
>least the 2nd and 3rd slides, and possibly
>the 4th.  The remainder have been included
>to help explain the issue, and hopefully
>stimulate debate.
>The Standards Board needs to hear from
>people who have a stake in the subject.
>For reasons outlined in the slide deck, I
>believe that materially interested parties are
>completely unaware of actions that have been
>taken to date, and are not aware of the certain
>impact of IEEE draft standard P1541.
>I hope that you will see fit to share this material
>with your working groups, and to elicit their
>feedback.  I believe that if the LMSC takes a
>position on this subject, it can have an effect
>on the Standards Board's decision.
>Here's the key to the whole thing: Look at
>the "shall" statements on slide 2, and ask yourself
>if all new and revised IEEE standards should have
>to conform to them, because if P1541 becomes
>an IEEE standard, that's what will happen.
>Howard Frazier
>Attachment converted: TiDrive:kibi.pdf (PDF /CARO) (00130AB2)