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[802SEC] Minutes from Wednesday 11/13/02 meeting on Tutorial Slots

Meeting held 8 AM on 11/13/02 in the Board Room of the Hyatt Regency Kaua'i

Present were:
	Jim (just for a few minutes)


Review the operating rules:  Nothing there was relevant to the issues at hand concerning the use of Tutorial Slots.

Reviewed the Chairs Guidelines:  Most recent version (v1.5) was sent out in an e-mail from Paul Nikolich dated 7/31/02

The following is extracted from the guidelines

PASTE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2.5 Chair's Tutorial Guidelines
This guideline outlines 'acceptable practices' for Tutorial presenters.
1) Content of Tutorials should be:
* Technology oriented, informative, concise, and well illustrated.
* Reflect general needs and technology for standards and recommended practices.
* Reflect business/economic drivers for possible standardization.
* Present multiple viewpoints and speakers where appropriate
2) Purpose of Tutorials should:
* Explore possible new directions for 802 efforts
* Summarize ongoing major work of Study Group or WG or TAG.
* Describe basic 802 or other standards process.
3) Mechanics of Tutorials:
* Hosted by SEC member.
* Have enough hand-outs available at back of room.
* Announced at Plenary Meeting with short Abstract.
* Announced in meeting registration packets.
* Announced to SEC reflector before meeting.
* Scheduled through Conference Organizer/SEC Executive Secretary
* Conflicts to be resolved by Executive Secretary and SEC chair based on most
importance to 802.
* Scheduled Monday or Tuesday (6:30 - 8:00, 8:00 - 9:30)
4) IEEE 802 Tutorials should NOT be:
* Product announcements
* Company announcements

END PASTE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Issue: That some 802 working groups regularly schedules meetings on top of the tutorial slots.
Issue: tutorial and CFI at Kauai had double booking in 3 of 4 slots. 

Based on current guidelines it appears that  conflicting meetings / tutorial are allowed (though perhaps discourage).

Motion: Move to make Tuesday evening tutorial slots from 8-9:30 exclusive of all other 802 meetings. (Paul / Mat)

	4 yes, 0 no, no abstains

Clarifications: Exclusive means no other meetings or tutorials will run during slot.  The SEC may schedule additional exclusive tutorials should they be needed.

Issue: Formation of a new working group based on CFI requires attention across 802. Need to guarantee availability of 802 participants.

Motion:  A CFI relating to the formation of a (potentially) ECSG has rights to an exclusive Tutorial slot. (Geoff  / Mat)

	4 yes, 0 no, no abstains

Clarification:  A potential ECSG is any study group formation activity that any SEC member believes may be pushed into and ECSG.

Clarification: Call for Interest (CFI) is a meeting who's sole purpose is to determine the interest and support in forming a study group and to formulate presentation to the next higher body for doing so.

Clarification:  The chair's cutoff date for holding Tutorial Slots open for 802 use is 21 days before the opening plenary.

It is recommended that the Chair's Guidelines be adjusted as indicated in these minutes.

9 AM:  Meeting adjourned.

Matthew Sherman
Vice Chair, IEEE 802
Technology Consultant
Communications Technology Research 
AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory 
Room B255, Building 103 
180 Park Avenue 
P.O. Box 971 
Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971 
Phone: +1 (973) 236-6925 
Fax: +1 (973) 360-5877