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[802SEC] 802.16 agenda items for closing SEC meeting


Below is my agenda list. Please note that I'd like the first two 
items placed on the consent agenda. (802.16d and 1802.16.2 are PARs 
that received no comment following thirty-day advance notice to the 
SEC. Both were approved unanimously by 802.16 at its Thursday evening 
Closing Plenary).

ME* 1802.16.2 to NesCom
ME* 802.16d to NesCom
ME  802.16e to NesCom
ME  802.16.2a/D3 to Sponsor Ballot (conditional approval)
ME  802.16c/D4 to RevCom
ME  802.16a/D7 to RevCom (conditional approval)
MI  Renewal of Mobile Wireless MAN SG (in case of PAR failure)
DT  802 Handoff Tutorial and followup Call for Interest
II  802 Survey: initial report
II  IEEE 802 News Bulletin

* = consent agenda

For details of the motions, with backup materials, see the top of the 
page at <http://wirelessman> or <> on the LAN. Some 
of the backup material is still not yet complete.