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[802SEC] RE: ATIS Security Summit February 4-5, 2003


I will forward this to Dolors Sala, who is chairing the 802 Executive
Committee Study Group on Security and the 802 Executive Committee.  The
Security ECSG may be best positioned to provide input on this matter,
however the other Working Group chairs may wish to encourage
participation from their members as well.

WG Chairs, please respond directly to Ray if there is interest in your


--Paul Nikolich

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I was wondering if you have had an opportunity to consider this yet.
focus is on Security and from what I have heard, many of the network
service providers (such as the RBOCs) have some questions about security
802.11 as it begins to be used as an access technology to their

I think this Summit  would be a great place to

a. Get some visibility for the IEEE and the 802 team

b. Open channels of communication with key network implementers

c. Start a dialogue on the issues that confront the interested parties.


Ray Hapeman

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Paul, I suggest you contact Ray Hapeman (Chair of T1) and figure out who
IEEE 802 would make a good champion here. Ray is at: 732-758-2239.

Jim Carlo ( Phone:1-214-693-1776 Fax:1-214-853-5274
J.Carlo Consulting LLC (Focus on Telecom Strategy/Standards/Patents)
Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board

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Cc: Wayne Zeuch (E-mail); Ray Hapeman (E-mail)
Subject: ATIS Security Summit February 4-5, 2003
Importance: High

Jim and Paul: Per the request from Ray Hapeman, I have included more
detail on the ATIS Security Summit.  ATIS plans to host a Security
Summit entitled, "Security of Service Provider Infrastructure in the Era
of Convergence," on February 4-5, 2003, in Washington, D.C.  This
Security Summit is a follow-on from the ATIS/Committee T1 "Signaling for
VoIP Summit" held in August that identified security as a crucial issue
for communications networks post 9/11.  ATIS cordially invites IEEE and
its relevant standards committees, i.e., 802.11 and others, to
participate in this Security Summit to address the work underway.
Please reserve the February 4-5, 2003, dates and let us know whether you
can participate to present the work program underway within IEEE/802.11
on security matters. The Security Summit convenes on Tuesday when
"Service Provider/Government Requirements" will be presented.  Later
that day and into Wednesday, the Summit "Technical Sessions" will permit
Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) to present their work
programs underway on security matters.  Please note the attached Scope
Statement and Draft Agenda as well as our press release announcing the
dates for your use and information.  Please visit the ATIS website at where additional information may be obtained on the
"ATIS Industry Summit."

The ATIS Security Summit will provide the appropriate venue for wireline
and wireless carriers and service providers, Internet Service Providers
and SDOs to determine what unmet security needs may currently exist for
industry standards, and how best to support and protect existing and
future networks.  The two-day Summit will convene senior executives and
officers from wireline and wireless carriers and service providers, as
well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and officials from US and
International SDOs who will identify the key technical and operational
security issues facing network infrastructure.  Among the areas to be
addressed at the ATIS Security Summit are the following: core
infrastructure (signaling systems, routing & signaling protocols, packet
wireless); Next Generation Networks (support for IPv6 and IPv4, and IP
to TDM Gateways); and Internal Protection (firewalls, media security,
secure access).

Please note that the Draft Agenda continues to evolve; hence, your place
on it is open to discussion.  Several members of the Security Summit
Steering Committee composed of ATIS Board members, SDO leaders and
others have been identified as "moderators" for each of the planned
sessions.  The Steering Committee is evaluating appropriate speakers for
each of the sessions noted on the Draft Agenda.  However, as the Agenda
is still a "work in progress," we would welcome your input and
suggestions as we proceed with our planning.  Please let us know whether
you can participate as a speaker.  Best regards, Jim Crandall

 <<security_summit_scope.doc>>  <<Security Summit PR 102202.doc>>
<<Agenda for Attendees on Website.doc>>
James A. Crandall
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1200 G Street, NW, Suite 500
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