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RE: [802SEC] RE: status of Albuquerque meeting

I think your argument is still loaded with assumptions.  I believe only the Hyatt room block is reserved now.  Why do you assume we can block all the rooms in all the mentioned hotels.  Adding total nearby hotel rooms and claiming this is the same as a 805 room block is flat out deceptive.  I also believe we have not yet contracted with the Convention Center for rooms. (Do we even know what the costs for additional meeting space will be?).  If only contract we have is with the Hyatt Albuquerque, and if it has our standard terms, it can be cancelled without financial penalty.  (Yes I recognize such a cancellation would produce some ill will with Hyatt.)
I have personal reasons why I wouldn't mind a trip to Albuquerque, but I try to be objective for all attendees.  do care about people that have to travel from outside the southwest, I do care about forcing most of our attendees to lodge out of the meeting hotel, etc.  On balance, I'm forced to conclude that holding the November meeting as planned years ago is a bad idea. 
You claim we can make this work if we all stick together -- "work" has a broad range of interpretation.  My primary concern isn't making a preselected site work, it is in making the meeting maximally productive.  I think we could have a much better meeting if we all work together to change the venue, before you start signing all the additional required contracts to make this site work.
--Bob Grow
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Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 6:15 PM
To: Geoff Thompson
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Subject: RE: [802SEC] RE: status of Albuquerque meeting

Geoff,  I realize that you and Howard are not keen on the idea of another Albuquerque meeting, but it was voted in by the SEC, we do have a signed contract for the meeting, and there are more than adequate facilities available to us.  I should like to point out that you completely missed the Doubletree Albuquerque, which is a highly rated 3-star hotel that is also adjacent to the Albuquerque convention center (so a block and half from the Hyatt) and has 295 guestrooms.  The La Posada is a 4-star rated property with 115 rooms that is also within two blocks of the Hyatt, so that’s (395+295+115=805) already more than our normal room block of 800 rooms within a two block span.  There’s at least another 326 3&2-star rooms that are less than a mile from the Hyatt, and a whole bunch more if you’re willing to go up to 2 miles.  


I’ve been assured that the washing machine has been completely replaced by a modern noiseless unit in a more remote area where it is completely inaudible from the meeting spaces.  There are at least 5 more good restaurants in the downtown area than the last time we were there, and I’ve been told the night-life is much better (which may not mean much when compared with other locations).  Where it’s not my favorite location either, it is a reasonably good value in these tough economic times, and I’m sure some of our folks will appreciate that.  


I’ve been told the airport is better now, but I’m afraid America West is still struggling so folks might want to stick with the other major carriers (Delta, United, American, Northwest, Southwest, and Alaska). 


I don’t know if this helps at all, but I would appreciate it if you and Howard would make an effort not to douse this fire with gasoline by spreading misleading/alarming rumors to the folks at large.  We can make this one work if we all stick together, and yes, I’ll even agree not to suggest it again until we’re less than 350 attendees again, OK.  


Thanx,  Buzz
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Geoff Thompson []
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 11:45 AM
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Subject: Re: [802SEC] RE: status of Albuquerque meeting



You may think you know why people are whining about Albuquerque but, for me, it is not "because they think Albuquerque is a rather uninteresting venue in which to hold a meeting".

It is because:
        * The last time we were there the washing machines/extractors in the basement under the main ball room produced intolerable noise and vibration.
        * An unacceptably high number of attendees had really bad experiences getting there by air. Mostly due to the dominant carrier in their local market.
        * Airline connections were poor in general and terrible getting out last time.
        * Only 395 total guest rooms in the hotel.
        * Total hotel restaurant capacity of 236
        * Albuquerque’s ONLY 4 Diamond Full Service Hotel (Hyatt's own fact sheet)
        * No noticeable overflow hotels anywhere near the Hyatt at better than road motel level.
                2 Miles to the Sheraton Old Town
                7 miles to the Sheraton Uptown (275 rooms)
                All other lodging listed on
                        is quality rated at "moderate" or "budget".
                Oh wait! There is another downtown hotel (not classified as to quality)
                It is the:

La Posada de Albuquerque (only 1/4 mile away!)

125 2nd Street NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

At A Glance Cost: Expensive

The city's most historic hotel, was built in 1939 by New Mexico native Conrad Hilton (who honeymooned here with bride Zsa Zsa Gabor). Today, it stands as one of the finest hotels in the Southwest. All 114 guest rooms and suites feature Spanish tile, hand-carved furnishings, and all the amenities you would expect in a luxury hotel. Four meeting rooms with large windows and antique carved woodwork are equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and furnishings...easily customized for any function. The lobby bar, with its hand-painted murals, hand-crafted beams and balconies, has long been one of the city's most popular meeting spots. Conrad's Downtown is renowned for its award-winning cuisine. La Posada is located 1 block from the convention center, and just minutes from Old Town Plaza, museums and historic sites. Get lost in history...find yourself at La Posada de Albuquerque.

        * What was alleged to be the best Mexican restaurant in town said that it was dangerous to wait outside for a cab (on a weeknight!)

Thanks, but no thanks. To paraphrase W.C. Fields: All things considered, I'll take St. Louis.


At 03:18 PM 1/21/2003 -0800, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

Roger,  If you got that impression it was erroneous.  We have the Albuquerque Convention Center right next to the Hyatt and they have plenty of meeting space for us.  People keep whining about Albuquerque, not because it is not good meeting spaces and a low-cast bargain as well, but because they think Albuquerque is a rather uninteresting venue in which to hold a meeting.  Some folks would disagree with that, but I suspect that after this trip we will not choose Albuquerque again because the whiners are louder.   :-) 

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing - SSG
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98324-2207
(425) 865-2443    Fx: (425) 865-6721

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From: Roger B. Marks []
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 12:59 PM
To: Rigsbee, Everett O
Subject: status of Albuquerque meeting


Where do we stand on the site of the November meeting? Is it still set for Albuquerque?

Before we passed the single-site motion in Kauai ["That future meeting venues (after today) be chosen on the basis of being able to support the entire body of 802 in meeting spaces within a 400 meter walk."], the discussion indicated that this condition would be tough to satisfy in Albuquerque.