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Re: [802SEC] March Tutorial slots -- filled


The objective of the presentation is to give the 802 attendees a view of the
'bigger picture' of where project 802 fits withing the IEEE Standards
Association and how the IEEE-SA works.

The abstract is:
With the aim of giving the IEEE 802 Plenary a useful and comprehensive view
of the full range of activities and responsibilities of the IEEE Standards
Association (IEEE-SA), the tutorial will:

q       Set the context for IEEE 802 within the IEEE and the IEEE-SA

q       Review the volunteer and staff organization of the IEEE-SA

q       Articulate and explain the IEEE-SA mission and key strategies

q       Describe scope of programs: membership, technical, governance, etc.

q       Explain the fundamentals of our resource allocations

q       Present current and future goals

q       Encourage Q&A


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Subject: RE: [802SEC] March Tutorial slots -- filled

Paul,  Can you explain a little more of what this pitch is about ???
Is it just a sales pitch for why everyone should be an SA member ???
Is there some new benefits or information that they are looking to share ???
Is it something of interest to document editors only ???
Could they just provide a PowerPoint pitch, that we could email to everybody
Trying to squeeze in a lunch time presentation will not be easy since some
WG will have to agree to vacate their room in time to do the set-ups, and
many group need the flexibility to break when they reach a logical stopping
If we knew the topic better and could estimate the probable
attendance/interest we can probably find a workable slot for it, but right
now I don't have a clue what is actually needed.  An abstract/agenda would
be a great idea.

Thanx,  Buzz
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OK--no Thursday night.  However, I don't want to delay to July.  How about a
45 minute lunchtime presentation Tuesday or Wednesday 12:15pm-1pm?  Those
that are interested can grab a sandwich and participate during lunch.