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[802SEC] Blast from the 802 Past

On January 15, I gave a talk on 802.16 to the IEEE Computer Society's 
Santa Clara Valley Chapter at Stanford 
<>. Among the crowd were 
two distinguished 802 alums. I thought you might get a kick out of 
this photo:

On the right is Don Loughry, the second 802 Chair. On the left is Bob 
Stewart, who explained to me how he had initiated 802, recruited the 
first chair (Maris Graube), and created the "dot" group concept. 
Maybe the 802 veterans out there know more of the story.

I found a little more history in some minutes of the Computer 
Society's Microprocessor Standards Committee (MSC):

"Bob Stewart, the founder of the MSC and of most of the Computer 
Society's standards of the sort we work on, and many others too, was 
present for the first time in several years. He talked about some of 
the standards we've worked on, and their influence in the industry.

Our biggest success was 754 (Floating Point), of course. Bob also 
started the (perhaps even bigger, but not MSC's) 802 (Ethernet) 
project, getting Maris Graube of Tektronix involved in it. It took a 
year and a half to get going, but has done a lot since then!"

Here's another shot, minus Don but including two 802.16 members in 
attendance: Ken Stanwood on the left, John Liebetreu on the right:

It was a fun evening.


P.S. Bob's business card doesn't show his email address.
P.S. Thanks to the Chapter Chair, Slava Mach!