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[802SEC] new 802.16 PAR (1802.16.3) for consideration in March

Dear SEC:

I am writing to notify you that, during our January interim session, 802.16 decided to submit the following PAR for approval in March:

* P1802.16.3: 10-66 GHz Radio Conformance Tests

This is the third of four conformance standards we plan for the 10-66 GHz air interface. The first moved rapidly; the PAR was approved on August 15 and we are already into Sponsor Ballot with a 164-page draft. The second PAR was approved on December 11, and we expect to open Working Group Ballot in March. If the PAR for this third project is approved in March, we will be ready to put significant effort into the work at our May interim.

We are open to comments from other Working Groups and ask that they be delivered to us, per custom, by 5 pm on Tuesday of the Plenary Week.