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[802SEC] list of 802 PARs under consideration in March

To assist 802.16, I've compiled a list of the five 802 PARs under 
consideration in March. I would appreciate it if you would let me 
know of any errors:

In the case of 802.11, both PARs submitted to the SEC were labeled 
"802.11m". However, NesCom calls the High Throughput PAR 802.11n:

I presume that 802.11n is correct.


>SEC Member:
>This letter is to inform you of an item on the agenda at the 
>upcoming 802 Plenary Meeting. The agenda item is the consideration 
>of the approval of the PAR and 5 criteria response from the 802.11 
>The Motion in the 802.11 WG meeting was:
>"Move to conduct a WG Letter ballot to approve 02-798r2 (PAR) and 
>02-799r2 (5 Criteria) and the WG Chair to pre-submit to the 
>executive committee for the March 2003 SEC meeting by 2-7-03 for the 
>purpose of creation of the High Throughput Task Group".
>The documents can be located at:
>11-02-798r2-HT-Draft-PAR.doc  or at 
>11-02-799r2-HT-Draft-5 Criteria.doc or at 
> (
>I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the thoughts and 
>actions that have occurred in creating the PAR.
>The study group was created last July, with instructions to start 
>meeting in Sept. 2002. We had over 100 people in our first meeting, 
>and 165 that signed our roll that we passed around during the 2 
>sessions we were allotted. During that inaugural meeting, we made a 
>good first cut on preparing the PAR's scope and purpose.
>During the November meeting, our discussions started in earnest to 
>define the response to the 5 criteria, and we finalized the purpose 
>of the PAR.
>The January meeting met with 4 session times with between 60-80 
>people voting on the motions as they arose. The PAR and 5 criteria 
>document was approved and submitted to the WG for approval with a 
>59-0-2 vote, and in the WG, the motion passed with a similarly large 
>margin vote.
>The PAR and 5 criteria response Documents are in a WG Letter ballot 
>to ensure we capture the membership's ideas and support.  I believe 
>that the LB will pass and that the Study Group will refine the PAR 
>and 5 criteria to address the comments from the letter ballot and 
>the SEC provided comments.  
>I would therefore respectfully request that you consider approving 
>the proposed PAR.
>If you have comments that you would like addressed prior to coming 
>up on your Agenda, please let me or Stuart J. Kerry know.  We will 
>do our best to address your questions as soon as possible.
>Stuart J. Kerry
>Chair, 802.11 WLANs WG
>Jon Rosdahl
>Chair, 802.11 HT SG
>Stuart J. Kerry
>Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG
>Philips Semiconductors, Inc.
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>San Jose, CA 95131-1706,
>United States of America.
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>Cell: +1 (408) 348-3171
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