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[802SEC] SEC email balloting


On the issue of email delay in 802 SEC ballots -

Tony Jeffree has suggested the possibility of web voting.  This was
reinforced by Steve Carlson who pointed out to me in a side conversation
that web based voting packages are available in public-domain code and
very easy to use.  As Steve pointed out, web based voting is dependent
on web access.  However it does provide immediate feedback as to whether
one is getting though and where one's vote has been accepted and
recorded allowing one to use an alternate path, say telephone, if there
is a failure.

A simpler method might be to use transmission path diversity, or at
least partial diversity.  If votes were sent to both the 802 SEC
exploder and Paul's address
( with a cc or bcc back to the voter,
delays in the path from the voter to the SMTP gateway could be quickly
detected and long delays or outages in one path from the voter's SMTP
gateway to Paul would most likely not also occur in the alternate path
from the voter's SMTP gateway to Paul.