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[802SEC] DRAFT - IEEE 802 March 2003 Plenary Meeting - PLS REVIEW

Good afternoon All.


Please find attached a draft of the IEEE 802 March 2003 Plenary Meeting

Agenda (Version 5.0-SEC).  Please review all of your meetings carefully,

confirming the dates, times, style, and no. of attendees.  Please note:

meeting rooms names are subject to change, so do not advertise.


We have done our best to meet your meeting specifications, however should

you need to make any updates/revisions, please send to us no later than

5pm PT, on Monday, March 3, 2003 or sooner.


Many thanks and have a great weekend.


We will see you in Dallas.


Best regards,


Dawn Slykhouse

IEEE 802 Conference Organizer


Cc: Darcel, Jennifer and Donna, FTF Events.



Dawn C. Slykhouse


Face To Face Events, Inc.

2699 Iversen Court

Santa Clara, CA. 95051

Tel: 408/241-8906

Fax: 408/241-8918