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Re: [802SEC] Draft News Bulletin Link


I'm uncomfortable in having the draft bulletin posted on the 
Internet. It could be found by an IEEE (or other) search, or by 
people thumbing through the SEC reflector archive. Those people could 
easily be misled by the speculative nature of the information.

I have copied the page to the local 802.16 server, which is available 
on the LAN:

I'm not so worried about having it exposed this way. Not so many 
people have access to this LAN, and the files won't be found by a 

I suggest that the draft bulletin be deleted from the IEEE server.

If people think that the LAN version should also be deleted, let me know.


>Thanks for your cooperation in getting this effort going. As I 
>mentioned I would hope to get your final input as to what happened 
>this session by Tuesday 3/18/03 so that we can work with the PR 
>staff in polishing this and getting it out in time.
>The link to the draft bulletin is: