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[802SEC] RE: 2005 Meeting of 802 and IEEE-SASB

Rona,  Actually, we've been holding off making a firm commitment on dates and place to see if the Stds Board wants join us or not.  

Our normally scheduled dates would be March 13-18, 2005 and we have several proposals for those dates from various large properties.  We also have a proposal for the week of March 20-25, 2005 from the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, just in case the Stds Board decides they must stay with the week of March 13-18 but are not willing/able to join our meeting on a complementary schedule that does not overlap our meeting schedule significantly (e.g. Fri-Sun).  

We really would like to co-locate with the Stds Board if possible, but if this is not do-able, we need to know what options/flexibility the Stds Board is willing to accept to avoid conflicts.  For example, would they be willing to meet during the week of March 20-25 so we avoid the possible overlap ???  

We are holding off making a firm commitment for March 2005 in hopes we can find a mutually agreeable resolution, but we need to act quickly since large hotel deals for < 2 years out tend to be highly volatile, and we risk having to start over with much lesser selections.  

Please let us know where you are with this process, ASAP.   :-)  

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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Hi Buzz:

Can you please provide the exact dates for the March 2005 802 meeting,
including the location.

Thank you,
Rona I. Gertz
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