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RE: [802SEC] FW: Quality in Voting


Since the message was originally sent to several individual addresses
and only thereafter to the SEC reflector, it was my interpretation that
she was given the SEC address as somewhere to send the message that
might have interested individuals.  My suspicion is that Jim Carlo
suggested she send it here.  I did not feel it was appropriate to censor
the message.  It is only obvious spam that bounces from the reflector
that I make sure does not bother the rest of the list.


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Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 2:58 PM
To: Bob O'Hara
Subject: Re: [802SEC] FW: Quality in Voting


I do not believe that the message that you forwarded for 
<> is actually directed at 802. Ms Hypes also
her message to Steve Berger, Working Group Chair for P1583. I believe
project is the closest thing IEEE has to her interests.


At 01:47 PM 4/28/2003 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>Forwarded for a non-subscriber.  Unfortunately, the attachment is
>mangled beyond repair by majordomo and I have deleted it.
>  -Bob
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>From: Hypes Ann <>
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>Subject: FW: Quality in Voting
>Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:34:17 -0400
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Hypes Ann
>Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 4:32 PM
>To: ''; '';
>''; ''
>Subject: Quality in Voting
>I would like to participate in developing "standards" in the voting
>PROCESS.  My interest in not in developing standards with equipment,
>in the process from start prior to opening the polls to reporting
>results AND voter education.
>  I did not know which of you to contact, please help me to locate the
>proper person.
>'Be the Vote' is the phrase behind my vision for the American Citizen.
>I know that every eligible American Voter should;
>'Be the Vote' that counts,
>'Be the Vote' that elects the person to represent themselves,
>and 'Be the Vote' that makes the difference in the quality of life.
>   <> is my website link.
>I  have visualized  the use of quality audits in the election process
>since the 2000 presidential election.
>I have performed quality audits in a professional manner for several
>years in several industries.
>Performing a quality audit at voting sites is new and has never been
>performed. There is skepticism about a quality audit adding value to
>voting process.
>I will be focused on performing audits of some Virginia voting sites in
>June 2003,  so that value can be shown through my analysis of the
>I have communicated to Representatives and the VA State Board of
>Elections (SBE) about my idea and my interest of improving the voting
>process.  They were both encouraging and supportive, which made me more
>determined to promote this idea.
>There has been a lot of attention given to updating equipment and
>training poll workers.  I have seen this in the many articles about
>can be done to improve the voting system.
>('System' is used to describe a piece of equipment, not the whole
>Updating equipment and training can be meaningless, if the data
>collected does not show results of these improvements.  There are
>process issues which have not been addressed.  I can show  where these
>weaknesses are, with actual audit data.  All weaknesses can be improved
>which in turn will improve the whole process.
>The attached files illustrates;
>1) my quality surveys to the voter and to the voting site which will
>lead to a "checklist" of questions asked during an audit.
>2) I will not include the audit checklist until you agree to register
>I and my colleges are professional auditors and will perform these
>audits in a professional manner.
>We will report results to all that request one, including the VA SBE.
>I am using this information to verify that my audit is consistent with
>the goals for reducing process variables and increasing voter
>In these audits, there will be no interference with the voters, or
>workers and no discussion of the political issues.
>3) The Voter Survey will measure customer satisfaction of the voting
>process.  This survey results and paper will be discussed in ASQ's
>(American Society for Quality) May publication. This survey can be
>viewed by pressing on the link
>Thanks for your time,
>Please let me know how I can participate.
>Best Regards,
>Ann Hypes,
>(757) 875-7446 work
>(804) 693-7746 home
>(757) 509-1580 cell
> <>  or
> <>  are my email