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[802SEC] May 09 2003 802.20 leadership call minutes


Attached are the minutes from the May 09 conference call. 

The next call is scheduled for Wednesday May 14 7pm-8pm EDT.  Please contact me directly if you would like to participate in the call and I'll send you the dial in information 1 hour before the start of the call. 

The tentative agenda for the next call is:

(1) WG interim session update--Mark and Jerry
(2) July plenary session WG election: schedule update--Mark and Jerry 
(3) establish time for next con call--all


--Paul Nikolich


May 09 2003 con call minutes:  Meeting start: 2:35PM EDT end 2:45PM EDT

Attendees: Jerry Upton, Mark Klerer, Geoff Thompson, Paul Nikolich

Observers:  Eshwar Pittampalli, Joanne Wilson, Bill Young, Arif Ansari,  Steve Crowley, Moo-Ryong Jeong

(1) appeal complaint update--Geoff
two sent, remaining one to be completed today

(2) WG decision guidelines--internal only, 75% approval required--Paul and Geoff
quorum--requires 50% membership attendence, once established quorum assumed until challenged
voting process--use voting tokens

(3) WG interim session update--Mark and Jerry
consensus agenda agreed to, one more contribution to post, one in transit,
anticipate ending session Noon Thursday May 15th

(4) Next meeting:
Wednesday May 14th 7PM-8PM EDT