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[802SEC] Communiqué from GSC 8

Dear SEC members,

Attached is a communique regarding the GSC 8 meetings for your information.
If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Peterson directly.


--Paul Nikolich

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Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 5:51 PM
Subject: Communiqué from GSC 8

> Attached is the 4th draft of the meeting Communiqué for the GSC 8 meetings
in Ottawa.  This document provides an overview of the goals and
accomplishments of the GSC 8 meeting.  The contribution I presented during
the opening plenary to introduce IEEE and the IEEE SA to the assembly is
available, but I have not attached due to is size.
> IEEE was represented by:  Terry deCourcelle, Ron Petersen and Kathy
MacLean (SCC 28), and me.  I did provide verbal information on the work of
802 as provided by my direct knowledge, from information provided to me by
Paul Nikolich, and from information on the 802 web site.  I also indicated
that the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) work within the IEEE has a
strong relationship to the interests expressed at the GSC 8 meetings.  I
will provide additional ITS information to SCC 32, the ITS Council, and 802
in the coming days with recommendations on possible engagement.
> I will also provide copies of the 10 Resolutions out of GSC 8 as a further
tool to future international cooperation.  As you will see in these
Resolutions, the IEEE is recognized as an international standards developer.
> SA BoG:   please keep this information in mind as you prepare for our
upcoming SG BoG meeting caucus.  There we'll have some time to further
explore this and related global involvements by the IEEE SA.
> Jerry Peterson
> President IEEE Standards Association
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> +1 908 782 7836 fax
> Email: