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[802SEC] 802 Plenary network expenditures


Given the 30% increase in Plenary session attendance from 11/02 to 3/03
and even greater projected attendance at the 7/03 and 11/03 Plenary
sessions, the $25k/Pleanry session budget networking does not appear to
be enough.  Given the load and dependence a number of the WGs are
placing on the Plenary session network, I believe that we need more
bandwidth to the outside world and we need full-time professional
network management.

We had a single T1 to the outside world at DFW which was clearly not
enough and for which we likely set a world record for sustained load. 
We are working on 4xT1 for SF with a cost of something like $8k.

We are also talking with I.D.E.A.L. Technologies about a contract to
configure, operate and manage the network on a full-time basis.

To that end I make the following motion.

That the budget for the network at a LMSC Plenary session be increased
from $25k to $30k with a maximum expenditure of $33k/session and that
the LMSC is authorized to enter into a multi-session contract contract
for the configuration, operation and management of said network subject
to the above budget and expenditure limits.