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Re: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at Julyplenary at HR-SF


You might find it interesting to consider the number of bits required to
paint and the refresh bandwidth required by a 1024x768 display in 24 bit
color mode and a 75 Hz refresh rate.

	1024*768*24 = 18.87*10^6 bits to paint the display once and

	1024*768*24*75 = 1.416*10^9 bits/sec to refresh



Geoff Thompson wrote:
> Roger-
> I would prefer a separated approach, but as closely as I can tell from the
> data/product sheet on the references that you provided these two devices
> are emulating display memory and would have to be fully refreshed.
> I believe that we would be better off hooking a PC to the projector and
> running some sort of collaboration software between PCs
> Geoff
> At 03:53 PM 7/1/2003 -0600, Roger B. Marks wrote:
> >I am skeptical about how these things work. Most of our meeting images are
> >static. If the software is smart enough to take advantage of the static
> >images, it will probably be a minimal disruption to our networks. If, on
> >the other hand, it's just constantly running an A to D convertor and
> >throwing all the uncompressed D onto the LAN, then we'll indeed be wishing
> >for 802.11e. I can imagine a great range of variability in how well these
> >interfaces function. And also in how useful, or how annoying, the driver
> >software is.
> >
> >We have a well-defined interface, so let's use it. Instead of buying the
> >network bundled in the projector, I'd prefer that we optimize the
> >projector and interface separately. In other words, we should buy a
> >separate wireless interface and try it out. This way, we could attach the
> >interface to any of our projectors, depending on our need.
> >
> >I checked the web and found two products like this. Both are under $300:
> >
> >
> >
> >If we are going to venture into wireless projector control, I prefer this
> >route.
> >
> >Roger
> >
> >
> >At 5:19 PM -0400 03/07/01, <> wrote:
> >>Hi everyone,
> >>
> >>So I'll add one more opinion to the pile.  I think it is important that
> >>we try new things and see how they work, especially if they are our own
> >>technologies.  If we won't buy it, who will?
> >>I can see value for a projector with a wireless interface - where a guy
> >>in the back of the room can quickly display their objection on the
> >>screen, or where you might even be able to briefly split the screen
> >>between two inputs for comparison.  But frankly, I am perplexed by the
> >>software and control issues - another reason why I want to try it so I
> >>can see first hand if it works or not.
> >>
> >>Another area of personal concern for me is whether the RF environment in
> >>our meetings can hack it.  I'm already not very happy with the
> >>performance we get out of our current WLAN without a video load.
> >>802.11e (QoS) is not out yet.  So, I can't wait to see what happens when
> >>we add a video load in with our existing loads.  Will the WLAN be able
> >>to handle the load?  Will other traffic in the area impact the quality
> >>of the video on the projector?
> >>
> >>I view IEEE 802 not just as a standards development organization, but a
> >>as a potential test bed for our own technologies.  Actually, I wish we
> >>did more testing and evaluation of the network we run here.  The one
> >>thing I will caution is I'm not sure myself if an investment in the
> >>projector will be worth while, so don't buy more than one.  I think it
> >>is worth buying one though just to find out if it is worth while.
> >>
> >>Mat
> >>
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> >>Subject: [802SEC] Re: Wireless LCD Projectors for use at July plenary at
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> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>Personally, I would not pay extra $ for a projector
> >>with a wireless interface.  Based on bitter experience,
> >>I never add software or hardware to my laptop while I
> >>am traveling, so I loathe the idea of having to add
> >>some new driver for this interface.
> >>
> >>The time required to connect a cable to a projector
> >>is minimal.  Time is occasionally wasted when a
> >>presenter can't figure out how to toggle between
> >>their laptop's LCD and the external monitor interface,
> >>or when this simple action produces a "Microsoft Moment".
> >>I can't see where adding a couple of layers of complexity
> >>will improve the situation.  For large, busy groups that
> >>need to save time, the best technique is to load all
> >>of the presentation materials onto one laptop, thus
> >>avoiding the need to switch connections.
> >>
> >>In the five years that we have been buying projectors,
> >>I have learned that "bells and whistles" like cameras
> >>are pretty much useless. I would put a wireless interface
> >>into the same category. It's just one more thing that
> >>can break, requiring a potentially costly repair, and
> >>taking a projector out of service.
> >>
> >>Let's please stick with simple, durable, bright,
> >>high-resolution DLP projectors with minimal bells and whistles.
> >>
> >>Howard (Yes, I'm a Luddite, and proud of it) Frazier
> >>
> >>Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:
> >>
> >>>  FYI-  I just happened to stumble across the Epson 735c Wireless LCD
> >>Projector (see attached specification sheet) and thought this might just
> >>be the thing for our future meetings, but wondered if anyone has had any
> >>experience with this unit, and has opinions on its suitability for use
> >>at IEEE 802 plenaries and interims.
> >>>
> >>>  It seems to be price competitive with the regular wired units, and
> >>might allow a lot more flexibility in sharing an LCD projector amongst
> >>several presenters.
> >>>
> >>>  Input and opinions on this notion are encouraged.
> >>>  I'm working on seeing if we can get a couple of these units to use in
> >>SF for evaluation purposes.  Any support for this from our Epson folks
> >>would be seriously appreciated.   :-)
> >>>
> >>>  Thanx,  Buzz
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