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RE: [802SEC] help with front matter


My recollection is:

1.  The first page of published front matter remains.  ("IEEE Standards documents are developed ...")

2.  The IEEE 802 figure is gone as is the list of 802 standards.

3.  As to other material, my quite recent Coordination comment quotes the IEEE Style Manual section 9.3.  I assume this allows WG specific material, but based on the motivation for the change, staff was concerned with the introduction always being out of date.  anything a WG stick in should remember to keep it generic and not prone to quick obsolescence.

--Bob Grow

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It is my understanding that as of the end of the July plenary session,  the
current "Introduction" is removed from the front matter.   I can't remember
if we agreed that the WG chair has discretion to any additional front-matter
material--I thought we did.


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> I need some specific advice regarding the front matter discussion of last
> I have a draft approved to go to Sponsor Ballot. What should the be
> in the Introduction?
> Roger