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Re: [802SEC] help with front matter

Dear Paul and Roger:

The only thing you need is at least one paragraph in the Introduction with
nontechnical information that gives some
background into the history of the document's development. The subclause
containing information about the format
of conformance documents (specific to IEEE 802.16, etc.) should be included
next, then the list of the working group.

The figure and list of 802 standards are to be removed entirely.

Thanks very much.
Jennifer Longman


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[802SEC] help with front matter

                    07/29/2003 01:04 PM

                    Please respond to "Paul



It is my understanding that as of the end of the July plenary session,  the
current "Introduction" is removed from the front matter.   I can't remember
if we agreed that the WG chair has discretion to any additional
material--I thought we did.


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Subject: [802SEC] help with front matter

> I need some specific advice regarding the front matter discussion of last
> I have a draft approved to go to Sponsor Ballot. What should the be
> in the Introduction?
> Roger