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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Motion+++ Motion to Confirm Denis Kuwahara asVice-chair of 802.18--(open July30-close Aug 29th)



Paul Nikolich wrote:
> Dear SEC members,
> This is a 30 day SEC email ballot to make a determination by SEC motion to
> confirm Denis Kuwahara as vice-chair of 802.18.  See the specific motion
> wording below.
> Moved by Carl Stevenson
> Seconded by Stuart Kerry
> The email ballot opens on Wednesday July 30th noon EDT and closes Friday
> August 29th NOON EDT.
> Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector with a CC directly to me
> (
> Regards,
> - Paul Nikolich
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Stevenson, Carl R (Carl)" <>
> To: "802 SEC Reflector (E-mail)" <>
> Cc: "802. 18 Reflector (E-mail)" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 2:48 PM
> Subject: [802SEC] Motion to Confirm Denis Kuwahara as Vice-chair of 802.18
>>Moved:  Stevenson
>>2nd: Kerry
>>To confirm Denis Kuwahara as Vice-chair of the IEEE 802.18 Radio
>>Regulatory Technical Advisory Group.
>>Information to Executive Committee Members:
>>Denis has been an extremely active member of the 802.18 RR-TAG
>>since its inception, and has been extremely helpful to the Chair,
>>acting, in effect, as Vice-chair/Secretary "pro-tem" ... helping keep
>>attendance, taking minutes, etc., greatly reducing the burden on
>>me and helping the group to have effective, efficient meetings.
>>Denis was also very active in the Regulatory Ad Hoc group that
>>preceded the formation of 802.18, and has, thus, been a valued
>>contributor for quite some time.
>>As Chair of 802.18, I appointed Denis to the position of Vice-chair,
>>and the membership of 802.18 unanimously affirmed that appointment.
>>Thus, I urge the IEEE 802 Executive Committee to confirm Denis as
>>the Vice-chair of 802.18.
>>Paul, or designate, please initiate an Executive Committee e-mail ballot
>>on this motion at your earliest convenience.
>>Carl R. Stevenson
>>Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
>>610-965-8799 (home office)
>>610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
>>610-570-6168 (cellphone)
>>Short Message Service:

Michael Takefman    
Manager of Engineering,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
2000 Innovation Dr, Ottawa, Canada, K2K 3E8
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