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[802SEC] IEEE President's Report from IEEE Administrative Meetings

Dear EC members,
I don't know if you all receive this report from the IEEE President, so I am passing it along to you for your information.  The on note relevant to the SA is that the SA president will no longer be an IEEE corporate officer because the SA president term has been extended to two years.
--Paul Nikolich
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Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 1:59 PM
Subject: Report from IEEE Administrative Meetings


As part of my commitment to improve communications with IEEE volunteers, I am hoping that you will find the following report of activities and actions that occurred at our recent meetings in Nashville, TN, useful. Please send your comments and/or questions to me at

Best regards,
Mike Adler
2003 IEEE President

NASHVILLE, TN (17-22 JUNE 2003)

At the IEEE Board of Directors meeting on 22 June, the Board took the following actions of note:
     *As part of its strategic planning efforts, the Board approved the IEEE Strategies for 2004 "in principle." The Board will formally vote to adopt these strategies at its meeting in November. Also, the Board of Directors agreed to meet in early October to start addressing strategic concerns regarding governance.
     *The Board approved a change of service to Life Members. Life Members will continue to have complimentary online access to "IEEE Spectrum."  However, to continue receiving the print version of "IEEE Spectrum," Life Members will have to pay US$20. Implementation of this change will occur for the 2005 renewal.
     *IEEE dues will increase for 2004 by US$3 to US$113 as called for by the IEEE Bylaws. Additionally, the Board of Directors approved a US$1 increase in the IEEE-USA assessment and the implementation of a US$2 assessment for those members in Region 3. By virtue of a motion passed in 2002, the IEEE Affiliate fee will increase by US$7.50 to US$56.50, making the fee 50% of IEEE dues.
     *The IEEE Board of Directors approved three out-of-cycle initiatives valued at US$354,000. Those initiatives are an IEEE Xplore(R)-Based Educational Products Proof of Concept, an online web-based budgeting and forecasting system, and the first phase of a Nonmember Subscription Fulfillment System.
     *The IEEE Board of Directors approved a change to its Corporate Officers. The President of the IEEE Standards Association will no longer be an IEEE Corporate Officer. The IEEE Standards Association felt that it was more important to have their President serve a two-year term than to be a corporate officer (which would prohibit the individual from serving more than a one-year term).

At the IEEE Publications Services and Product Board (PSPB) meeting on 20 June, PSPB reported the following information:
     *IEEE Xplore(R) will be opened to Google for indexing starting in July so that Google searchers will soon see IEEE periodicals, conference papers, and standards as part of their search results. The Google user will then be linked to a new basic abstract page in IEEE Xplore(R) that offers them the opportunity to see the full text by either logging into their subscription or buying the article with pay-per-view. We expect this to significantly improve the visibility of IEEE material and generate more article sales. The joint TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee reaffirmed its earlier decision to allow this.

     *Recommended Publication rates for 2004 were approved for all services that IEEE Publications provide to IEEE units. Key rate is for transactions editing and composition where the total cost for a transaction page is declining 6% to US$79.50. This is due to improved rates that were negotiated with vendors for outsourced services used as part of the article preparation process, which offset a 5% increase in the basic editing rate to US$64.50/page over 2003.
     *Procedures are changed for Author Reprints and Over-length Page charges. First, PSPB decided that starting in 2004 the net revenue generated from author requests for article reprints will be distributed to the publication in which that article appears, rather than be kept by PSPB as is currently done (these author reprints are ordered by authors who either decline to pay the voluntary page charges or who want extra reprints above the 100 copies included with the voluntary page charges). This is expected to distribute about US$300,000 in net revenue to IEEE societies. Second, PSPB decided to change the administrative charge for handling over-length page charges to US$25 per article rather than US$8 per page. This fee covers the cost of sending the author an invoice for the over-length page charge and collecting the money.
     *As assigned by the IEEE Board of Directors, PSPB is providing volunteer oversight for the IEEE Web site. As a first part of this, they have begun work on operating policies for the IEEE Web site. These policies will clarify the objectives of the Web site and provide operating guidelines for things like organization and indexing of information, functional requirements of the Web site, and appropriate use of advertising. The group is also working with staff to collect and report usage statistics. The PSPB is requesting IEEE units with suggestions to forward them to PSPB staff secretary Tony Durniak at

The Regional Activities Board (RAB) met on 20 June and reports the following information:
     *RAB confirmed that the subscription and advertising rates for "IEEE Potentials" remain unchanged.
     *RAB approved the sponsorship of Sections Congress 2008 and site selection criteria as endorsed by the RAB/TAB Section/Chapter Support Committee.
     *RAB approved and recommended to the IEEE Board of Directors the implementation of a Region 3 Assessment in the amount of US$2 beginning in 2005.
     *RAB approved the following for subsections: dissolution of the IEEE Merrimack Valley Subsection (Boston Section) (R1); a name change for the IEEE Westchester Subsection which will now be known as the IEEE Tappan Zee Subsection (New York Section) (R1) and; the formation of the Pune Subsection (Bombay Section) (R10), the IEEE Tainan Section (R10), 25 Technical Chapters and 10 Affinity Groups.
The Technical Activities Board met on 20-21 June. TAB reports the following:

     *The creation of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society. The new Society will be part of Division VI.
     *The funding of the IEEE Edison Medal annually, as an interim solution, for up to five years. This is contingent upon TAB's annual review of the sponsorship progress reported by the Chair of the IEEE Awards Board.
     *TAB approved a number of proposals for publication products: the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, IEEE Neural Networks Society, and ACM proposal for the "IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics," the IEEE Computer Society's proposals for "IEEE Distributed Systems Online" and "IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing," and the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society's proposal for the "IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Letters."
     *TAB approved the IEEE Enterprise business plan (a limited IEL subscription for small businesses) as submitted, pending funding as an IEEE New Initiative for 2004.
     *TAB endorsed, in principle, the proposed prototype algorithm for ASPP/IEL On-Line Revenue distribution and requested that a fully defined proposal be presented in November 2003 for formal approval.
     *TAB approved the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society's publication reorganization proposal to change the scope and title of "IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part I: Fundamental Theory and Applications" to "IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part I: Regular Papers" AND to change the scope and title of "IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing" to IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part II: Express Briefs."
     *TAB approved the following product prices for 2004:
          PRODUCT                                PRICE (US dollars)
IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL)                    $101,950
All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP)                $34,500 (online):
                                                      $35,995 (print)
ASPP Add-on                                            $8,495
Proceedings Order Plan (POP)                          $22,995 (online);
                                                      $24,995 (print)
POP Add-on                                             $8,995
POP Plus                                              $35,995
POP Plus Add-on                                       $12,995

POP All                                               $41,995
IEEE Student Branch All-Society Periodicals Package    $3,700
IEEE Student Branch Magazine Package                     $550
2004 conference proceedings list price formula     0.136 (#pgs + 1000)

Staff is empowered to determine the 2004 IEEE Biomedical Engineering Library (BEL) price based on
     *offering the entire content set at no higher than US$22,995; and
     *possibly offering subsets of the content based on the IEEE Enterprise model.

The IEEE Educational Activities Board met on 21 June and reports the following actions:

     *The IEEE Xplore(R)-based Educational Products Initiative (approved by the Board of Directors as an Out-of-Cycle Initiative) will develop a library of timely, high-quality and leading-edge educational products (i.e., conference tutorials and short courses).
Like publications products, these educational products can be identified and peer reviewed by Societies/Councils/Standards, packaged by EAB, marketed by IEL and distributed on IEEE Xplore(R) to industry, resulting in a potentially new revenue stream for the respective IP providers.
     *EAB endorsed the 2003-2005 EAB Strategic Plan. This reflects the new EAB Vision and Mission, which are in alignment with IEEE's Vision and Mission, respectively for submission to IEEE Strategic Planning Committee.
     *EAB endorsed the following international activities:
          - Region 7 Pre-College Workshops held in May in Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Fredericton, New Brunswick and St. John's, Newfoundland -- Ferial El Hawary, Volunteer Coordinator
          - Region 8 Pre-College Education Workshop scheduled for September 2003 in Nice, France -- Simon Jones, Program Chair.
          - EAB is working with the Helsinki Section to organize an "Engineering Education Program Accreditation Workshop" for Region 8 in September 2003 in Helsinki, Finland

     *The IEEE Board of Directors approved the admission of the Biomedical Engineering Society as a participating body of ABET, as submitted by EAB.