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RE: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00


There are sort-of two questions here, I think.

1) Can an organization/standard get an OUI?
   Yes. One should be sufficient for all of 802.
   I know the MSC has one, I suspect that 802
   already has one.

2) Is a single OUI sufficient to identify the
   format and function of organizationally-specific data?
   (if this happens to be applicable).
   No. An EUI-48 or EUI-64 serves this need.
   See extact below.
The 24-bit OUI/company_id value is intended to identify the
organization that administers the remaining bits in
EUI-48 and EUI-64 values. The OUI/company_id value should not
be used (in isolation) to identify a vendor or the format
of vendor-dependent information. When necessary to identify
the vendor of a hardware device, an EUI-48 identifier
should be used. This allows large organizations to assign
distinct EUI-48 identifiers, so that each division can be
identified as a distinct "vendor". Alternatively, small groups
within an SDO (standards development organization) could be
identified by distinct EUI-48 identifiers administered by
their sponsoring body.

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>> Subject: RE: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00
>> Throughout this discussion, there has been suggestion of allocating a
>> 'no-vendor' OUI?  Why is this necessary?  Why doesn't OUI imply
>> 'Organizational Unique Identifier' such as 802.11 or 802.1 or 802.3?  Why
>> can't these 'Organizations' have an OUI?   I keep hearing words about
>> commercial entities (aka businesses) having to be responsible
>> for OUIs.   It
>> would seem to make sense to me for 802.11 to ask for an OUI that
>> they could
>> use to identify cipher suites (and other things) that they define.
>> Paul