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[802SEC] 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet activities and the CAG

Members of the EC:


Below, please find an email I just sent to the IEEE 802.3 reflector.  I believe it is important for the EC to be aware of what is going on in this area.  As you may recall, 802.3 had a number of Calls for Interest at the Albuquerque meeting.  One of the CFIs was on 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet.  The straw poll to form a study group at the CFI failed to gain a simple majority, as did a subsequent motion at the 802.3 closing plenary.


--Bob Grow






I have received a number of emails requesting information and confirmation of certain claims related to a 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet activity happening within IEEE-SA and the Corporate Advisory Group (CAG).  I present the following as

what has been confirmed with IEEE staff and IEEE 802 leadership.  As background the IEEE-SA has two types of membership, Individual such as those participating in the IEEE 802.3ah sponsor ballot and Corporate.


1. A group of people are exploring initiating an IEEE standards project through the IEEE-SA CAG on 2.5 Gb/s Ethernet.


2. As stated in "Operating Procedures for The Corporate Advisory Group as a Standards Development Sponsor", the "CAG is a committee of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BoG), constituted to provide operational and strategic planning advice on matters affecting the interests of the IEEE-SA corporate and organizational members."


3. The CAG can function as a sponsor for IEEE standards projects (as can other societies within IEEE, like our sponsor the IEEE Computer Society).


4. According to IEEE Staff, the CAG has not received any formal information or request about this activity.  Consequently, the CAG has not approved a standards project or anything else about this activity.


5. The Chair of the CAG has communicated with the Chair of IEEE 802 that a 2.5 Gb/s activity was being discussed and additionally expressing the desire for close coordination if a project is initiated.  The Chair of the CAG also enquired about the status of the 2.5Gb/s Call for Interest held in November.


6. The above communication between the Chair of the CAG and the Chair of IEEE 802 seems to be central to many of the rumors, misunderstandings or misinformation that is circulating.  Much of this type of information is what I have been asked to confirm as fact or fiction.


7. Contrary to some rumors, the Chair of IEEE 802 has not blessed this 2.5 Gb/s activity, nor promised that IEEE 802 would find a home for it.  With permission of the Chair of IEEE 802, I am letting you know that he gave his personal opinion to the Chair of the CAG that executing this project through sponsorship by the CAG "was not advisable due to conflict with the 802.3 position", but he also requested more information about the CAG and corporate IEEE-SA participation before offering any formal response to the request and requested that 802 and 802.3 leadership be involved in any discussion by the CAG on this potential project.  That request has been honored.


IEEE staff is facilitating communication between IEEE 802 and CAG leadership to accelerate the flow of valid information.  Hopefully, this will happen early next week.


Bob Grow

Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group