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[802SEC] notes from the Feb 27 BoG/CAG discussions

Dear EC members,
Attached are my notes from the BoG discussion on Friday Feb 27 on the issue of CAG/Sponsor conflicts (cag.pdf).  They have been reviewed and approved by the 802 attendees at the meeting, David Law, Mat Sherman and Carl Stevenson.  I have also attached a copy of my presentation (rev03 BoG FEB_2004-Nikolich.ppt).
This is an important issue that we will continue discussing at the upcoming 802 plenary session.  Please be prepared to allocate 1 hour during the plenary session week for this topic.  The objective of the discussion will be to further enhance our specific recommendations to the SA BoG, Stds Board and SA Staff on this topic.
--Paul Nikolich


rev03 BoG FEB_2004-Nikolich.ppt