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[802SEC] Tentative Schedule for 802 EC meetings next week

Several EC meetings will be held next week.  Below is a tentative recomendation for their times. 
If you have a problem with the time, please suggest an alternate time to hold the meeting.
Tentative schedule for EC meetings (in no particular order):
1) China Planning (Nikolich/Carlo)                Tuesday 4-5pm
2) CAG/802 Conflict follow up (Thompson)          Tuesday 3-4pm
3) Funded services for 802 (Sherman)              Wednesday 3-4pm
4) 802/SA Task Force (Nikolich)                   Wednesday 4-5pm
   (sale of drafts, project numbering, etc.)
5) 802 re-org planning (Frazier)                  Tuesday 9-noon
6) Rules comment resolution                       Sunday 7-10pm
Important Training meetings:
1) Financial Training (Quackenbush)               Monday 9-10:30pm
   (every WG/TAG must have at least one member in attendance, preferably a treasurer or treasurer equivalent)
2) EMS--802 P&P Overview (Sherman)                Monday 9-10:30pm
   (please make sure everyone in your group knows about this--it provides good P&P info)