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Re: [802SEC] Tentative Schedule for 802 EC meetings next week

I'm sorry to have to disappoint you and the EC, but we're not ready with
the funded services proposal. This is not due to a lack of wanting to move
forward with the proposal, but due to other 802 issues taking priority of
my time (and several other staff) during the last few weeks, as well as a
recent IEEE-SA Board of Governors meeting that just completed and the
upcoming Standards Board series. Can we please postpone this item and work
this via email after the Plenary. Thank you for your patience and

Karen A. Kenney
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Business Administration
IEEE Standards Activities
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Several EC meetings will be held next week.  Below is a tentative
recomendation for their times.
If you have a problem with the time, please suggest an alternate time to
hold the meeting.



Tentative schedule for EC meetings (in no particular order):

1) China Planning (Nikolich/Carlo)                Tuesday 4-5pm

2) CAG/802 Conflict follow up (Thompson)          Tuesday 3-4pm

3) Funded services for 802 (Sherman)              Wednesday 3-4pm

4) 802/SA Task Force (Nikolich)                   Wednesday 4-5pm
   (sale of drafts, project numbering, etc.)

5) 802 re-org planning (Frazier)                  Tuesday 9-noon

6) Rules comment resolution                       Sunday 7-10pm

Important Training meetings:

1) Financial Training (Quackenbush)               Monday 9-10:30pm
   (every WG/TAG must have at least one member in attendance, preferably a
treasurer or treasurer equivalent)

2) EMS--802 P&P Overview (Sherman)                Monday 9-10:30pm
   (please make sure everyone in your group knows about this--it provides
good P&P info)