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[802SEC] RE: P&P problem: draft numbering


I have already noted inconsistencies with Procedure 7 and the numbering followed by various WG within 802.  I will add Yvette's comment to this issue as well.  In my mind, procedure 7 is clearly something which should be relegated to the Chair's Guideline or pushed down to the WG.  But, again it will be a while till we get to it.  I'm not sure of the relative positioning of the IEEE Style manual and our P&P.  And apparently the requirement not to use the year is only a recommendation anyway.  Clearly Procedure 7 is not being enforced.  So perhaps it is okay for us to simply ignore our P&P and honor Yvette's request.  Comments?

Another possibility for the near term (which would not impact my P&P reorg) would be to simply delete procedure 7 and add the content to the Chair's Guide.  Don't know how palatable this is to everyone.


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Here is a P&P problem that arose in today's 802 Task Force meeting.

Procedure 7 specifies the format of draft numbering. It specifically 
requires that drafts include "-YEAR" at the end of the number. (It 
specifies a two-digit year, but I think that most of us have 
graduated to four-digit years).

At today's meeting, Yvette Ho Sang noted that, according to the Style 
Manual, the year should not be included in the draft designation. As 
far as I can tell, this is a recommendation, not a requirement, but 
Yvette said that it's inappropriate to include the year.

So, we need to spruce up this part of the P&P. We could, at the same 
time, update the entire Procedure, but this might be more troublesome.

By the way, Yvette would like drafts to follow the recommendations in 
the Style Manual's Annex B ("Example draft standard"). Based on 
recent discussions I had with Angela, I have been strongly 
encouraging the 802.16 to adopt the recommendations there, even the 
non-mandatory ones that we have sometimes ignored.