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RE: [802SEC] Suggestion for improved Rules process


Does the "standing order" fit this intermediate level you are trying to
establish?  This is essentially procedure by simple motion.  Otherwise,
I would be very careful about making it easy to change the P&P.


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I'm toying with ideas for improving the rules process.  I think the
answer is we need the equivalent of a Bylaws and an Operations Manual.
I believe (given how difficult it is to update) our P&P is our Bylaws.
I think we need another "rules" document which is more mutable, and we
can effect changes to within a single plenary session.  I think a lot of
the material in the P&P could be removed to this second document.
Perhaps the content of the Chair's guideline could be in that document
as well.  This document would sit below our P&P and above WG P&P in the
order of precedence.  Is this a workable idea?


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