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[802SEC] +++EC ballot to disband 802.10+++ Tentative tally---vote closes April 15th 2004

Dear EC,
The tentative tally for the below motion is shown in the table below.
Since Geoff and DJ were qualified voters (members of the EC) at the time the ballot opened, their votes will be counted, regardless of the fact they are no longer EC members.  Howard, Steve and Ajay are welcome to cast a vote, but they will not be counted in the final tally, as they were not voters at the time the ballot opened.
Vote categories:         DIS    DNV     APP    ABS
 01 Mat Sherman                          APP
 02 **Howard Frazier                     APP**
 03 Buzz Rigsbee                         APP
 04 Bob O'Hara                           APP
 05 Bill Quackenbush                     APP
 06 Tony Jeffree                         APP
 07 Bob Grow                             APP
 08 Stuart Kerry                         APP
 09 Bob Heile                            APP
 10 Roger Marks                          APP
 11 Mike Takefman                        APP
 12 Carl Stevenson                       APP
 13 **Steve Shellhammer                  APP**
 14 Jerry Upton                          APP
 15 **Ajay Rajkumar             DNV**
 16 *Geoff Thompson                      APP*
 17 *DJ Johnson                          APP*
(*voters when ballot opened, but not any more)
(**ineligble voters because they were not voters at the time the ballot opened )

                    total: -00-  -04-   -12-  -00-
----- Original Message -----
To: IEEE802
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 7:04 PM
Subject: [802SEC] +++EC ballot to disband 802.10+++

Dear EC members,
Since all standards associated with the 802.10 WG have been withdrawn at the December 2003 IEEE SA Standards Board meeting, a motion was made to disband 802.10 by Tony Jeffree, seconded by Carl Stevenson at the March 15th EC meeting, .  That motion passed, therefore I am conducting a 30 day electronic ballot per of the IEEE 802 P&P.
The motion is:
Approve the disbanding of  the 802.10 Working Group.
Moved: Tony Jeffree
Second: Carl Stevenson
This EC ballot opens Monday March 15th 7PM EST and closes Thursday April 15th at 7PM EST.
--Paul Nikoich