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[802SEC] Conditional Approval report of IEEE P802.16e

Dear LMSC EC Colleagues:

The EC motion "To grant Conditional Approval, under Clause 21, to
send P802.16e to Sponsor Ballot," closes at 5 PM ET today (details

When Conditional Approval is granted and the confirmation ballot
closes, Clause 21 requires the Working Group Chair to report to the
EC. At this time, although the Conditional Approval is not yet final,
the confirmation ballot has already closed. Therefore, I am providing
the following report:

(1) The 15-day confirmation ballot (#14d) closed on 3 October 2004.
(2) No comments were received.
(3) No change of vote was received. The Approval Ratio remains 97.9% [47/1/8].
(4) The ballot is documented at
(5) No changes have been made to the draft.

Also, on 23 September 2004, the IEEE-SA Standards Board approved a
revised PAR for this project. The draft is in accordance with that

Given this report, I hope for support from the EC members who have
not yet cast their ballots.



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <> +1 303 497 7837
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

At 20:28 -0400 2004-09-30, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear EC members,
>The email ballot on the below motion to conditionally approve forwarding
>802.6e to Sponsor Ballot closes 5PMedt 04Oct 2004.
>The tentative tally for the below motion is
>08 Approve
>00 Disapprove
>07 Did Not Vote
>00 Abstains
>Please verify your vote, if I did not record it correctly below, send me a
>correction note.
>--Paul Nikolich
>Vote categories:          DIS    DNV     APP    ABS
>  -----------------------------------------------
>  01 Mat Sherman-                        APP
>  02 Howard Frazier=             DNV
>  03 Buzz Rigsbee.               DNV
>  04 Bob O'Hara-                         APP
>  05 John Hawkins-                       APP
>  06 Tony Jeffree-                       APP
>  07 Bob Grow-                           APP
>  08 Stuart Kerry.                       APP
>  09 Bob Heile.                  DNV
>  10 Roger Marks-                        APP
>  11 Mike Takefman.              DNV
>  12 Carl Stevenson.             DNV
>  13 Steve Shellhammer-                  APP
>  14 Jerry Upton.                DNV
>  15 Ajay Rajkumar.              DNV
>                          ---++++---+++++---++++---
>  TOTALS                  DIS    DNV     APP    ABS
>                   total: -0-    -07-    -08-   -0-
>>----- Original Message -----
>>From: "Paul Nikolich" <paul.nikolich@ATT.NET>
>>To: <>
>>Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 10:14 AM
>>Subject: [802SEC] +++EC EMAIL BALLOT+++ENDS 04 Oct+++ LMSC motion: P802.16e
>>to Sponsor Ballot (conditional)
>>Dear EC Members,
>>This is an email ballot on the following motion:
>>To grant Conditional Approval, under Clause 21, to send P802.16e to
>>Moved: Roger Marks
>>Second: Steve Shellhammer
>>Please see the below email from Roger Marks for all the necessary
>>It opens NOON edt Thursday 23 Sept and closes 5PM edt Monday 04 October.
>>--Paul Nikolich
>>IEEE 802 Chairman
>>>----- Original Message -----
>>>From: "Roger B. Marks" <>
>>>To: <>
>>>Cc: <>
>>>Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 2:57 PM
>>>Subject: LMSC motion: P802.16e to Sponsor Ballot (conditional)
>>>Dear Paul,
>>>I would like to make the following LMSC motion: "To grant Conditional
>>>Approval, under Clause 21, to send P802.16e to Sponsor Ballot."
>>>Mr. Shellhammer has agreed to second the motion. I request that the
>>>ballot close by October 3.
>>>Please note the following points:
>>>(1) 802.16 Working Group Letter Ballot #14, on sending the
>>>document to Sponsor Ballot, began on 3 February. Following the
>>>initial ballot, we have completed three recircs, the last one
>>>ending on 17 August. The entire ballot is documented here:
>>>(2) We are currently in a 15-day confirmation ballot (#14d, from
>>>18 September through 3 October 2004). The announcement is here:
>>>(3) Ballot resolution efforts have been substantially completed.
>>>The Approval Ratio is 97.9% [47/1/8] and the Return Ratio is 87.5%.
>>>(5) Six Disapprove comments remain. These, along with responses,
>>>are posted here:
>>> These comments are
>>>all from the same voter. Five of the six have been previously
>>>recirculated. All six are included in the current recirc (#14d).
>>>(5) The draft is posted as P802.16e/D5:
>>> I'll be
>>>happy to assist the EC members if the password protection gets in
>>>the way.
>>>(6) At its Session #33 Closing Plenary of 2 September, the 802.16 Working
>>>Group approved a motion (51/0/1) "to initiate Confirmation Ballot,
>>>and request conditional approval from the IEEE 802 LMSC to proceed
>>>to Sponsor
>>>Ballot, closing that ballot before Session #34, if possible". A
>>>separate motion (41/0/0) authorized the Working Group and Task
>>>Group chairs to resolve confirmation ballot comments.

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