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[802SEC] FW: [New-work] announcement of four new OASIS TCs

The following new Technical Committees in the IETF may be of interest to
members of your working groups.  Feel free to forward this message to
your WGs if deemed appropriate.

Paul Congdon
Vice Chair, 802.1

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Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 7:13 AM
Subject: [New-work] announcement of four new OASIS TCs

I will be momentarily sending out the Calls For Participation for four
new OASIS TCs:

* OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC
* OASIS DCML Framework TC

While these announcements look quite similar, they are indeed four
separate announcements and not duplicates.


* OASIS DCML Framework TC -

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Framework TC is to create a data model and
format for exchanging information about the contents of data centers and
other IT resources, and the information used in managing those contents.

The OASIS DCML Framework TC will continue work on the DCML Framework
specification produced by the DCML organization. The Framework
specification will be used as the foundation by other OASIS DCML TCs in
creating DCML sub-specifications aimed at representing specific types of
information. The DCML Framework specification will define the overall
approach, concepts and structures fundamental to DCML's description and
manipulation of data center elements and the policies governing their
management. The Framework TC will define the process by which other
working groups extend DCML definitions to support specific classes of
applications, for example, the servers, software, applications,
networking and storage components, management policies and best
practices in a data center.

* OASIS DCML Network TC -

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Network TC is to design a data model and
XML-based format for the exchange of information about networking
elements in a data center. The OASIS DCML Network TC builds on and
supports the DCML Framework specification produced by the OASIS DCML
Framework TC while focusing on the specifics of network equipment and

Scope of the TC

The OASIS DCML Network TC will develop the DCML data model and format
based on the approach, concepts, and structures defined by the OASIS
DCML Framework TC. The scope of the Network TC is large, covering all
types of networking components. In the past, the definition of
networking components was more straightforward; today, it ranges from
"simple" switching and routing elements to nodes providing advanced
processing at all layers of the protocol stack. Further, the distinction
between networking and compute elements blurs when one considers either
common appliances, which are often built from standard server-like
components and software, or software that may run on a standard server
platform (routing or firewall software, for instance).

In spite of the fuzzy definition of "network component," the following
are specifically in scope.

* Connectivity and cabling
* Layer 2 MAC bridging and switching
* Layer 2 VLANs
* Layer 3 switching and routing
* Firewalls
* Intrusion detection systems
* IPSec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
* Load balancing and traffic management
* SSL Acceleration
* Other appliances providing specific application security or
performance services, delivered at the network layer. Note that this
item has the most opportunity to create confusion since such appliances
are often built from standard server CPU designs and may be based on
embedded versions of standard operating systems (Linux or FreeBSD, for
instance). The general distinction here is that such platforms are
"single purpose" and are not designed to run general applications
software added to the system at a later date, even if the subcomponents
are similar to general purpose technology.

* OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC -

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Applications and Services TC is to extend
the OASIS DCML Framework Specification by defining extensions to
represent Applications and Services and the information necessary to
manage these components. Applications encompass packaged applications as
well as custom applications that are used within the data center to
provide IT services. Services are the finished products of the
amalgamation of environmental components (servers, storage, networking,
etc.), blueprinting (configuration information), and policy governing
components (applications and best practices/processes/guidelines) into
IT or business services. The Applications and Services extensions will
be designed so as to be able to represent both specific abstract
application and services architectures and, if further extended,
specific products or instantiations of a application or service. As
noted in the OASIS DCML Framework TC charter, the DCML specifications
are expected to leverage existing, available standardized methods of
management, endpoint reference, policy, etc. where appropriate and

* OASIS DCML Server TC -

The purpose of the OASIS DCML Server TC is to define extensions to the
DCML Framework specification to facilitate the representation and
management of information about servers. "Server" refers to a logical or
physical compute resource in the datacenter. In realizing this goal, the
OASIS DCML Server TC supports the larger DCML goals of facilitating the
interchange of descriptive information between multiple tools and
devices, improving configuration and dynamic reconfiguration in the data
center environment, enabling increased automation, and enabling machine
processing of descriptive and policy information.

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