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[802SEC] Status of LMSC P&P

Fellow LMSC Members,


I am happy to report that AudCom accepted our updated P&P last night.
However, there was a catch.    They accepted it until the Dec 2008
AudCom meeting, and they plan to direct us to 'generate a P&P based on
the approved baseline P&P with as little extraneous material as


Basically what they are saying is that we have a lot of material above
and beyond what they require which makes it very difficult for them to
review.  They would like to see that material removed from the
'official' LMSC P&P, and perhaps captured else where.  If captured
elsewhere, they would not intend to review it.  They would expect it to
be a subordinate document that LMSC would maintain internally.


I am expecting LMSC will receive a formal input containing AudCom's
direction.  I plan to resurrect the 'Ops Manual' that has been kicking
around for some time.  My intent would be to restructure our existing
P&P to more closely follow what is in the current AudCom 'baseline' P&P.
Part of that involves clearly defining the LMSC EC as the sponsor, and
rearranging material from where it currently resides as a subsection on
the EC to the places AudCom would expect to see it in the baseline P&P.
I will remove all material not required by the baseline P&P to an
'Operations Manual' including all details about how Working Groups
should operate, our special procedures on PAR's and preapprovals, etc.
The Operations Manual would be an LMSC EC controlled rules document that
is subordinate to the LMSC P&P.


I hope to have a draft of the revised P&P and Ops Manual prepared for
the November meeting and discuss the concept at the Sunday Night P&P
review.  I am also open to comments on the reflector.


Best Regards,




Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 



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