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[802SEC] Conditions for Moving 802.11 TGn draft to Sponsor ballot have been meet

Dear EC colleagues,

This note is to report that Clause 19 Conditions for approval to move
TGn Draft 7.0 to Sponsor Ballot have been met and the draft will be
prepared for release to sponsor ballot as soon as possible. 


In summary, 


The 15 day 802.11 re-circulation of TGn D7.0 was conducted as letter
ballot 138 and closed on Tuesday December 02, 2008.


There were zero "disapprove" votes cast in this ballot. Cumulative
approval increased to 95.25% from 94.2% in the prior ballot with a net
improvement of 5 additional approve votes. The tally now stands at


There were 9 comments received from four of the yes voters for which no
changes to the draft will result.


Prior to conducting LB138 there were 102 outstanding unsatisfied
comments from 15 unsatisfied balloters as documented in reports
11-08-1217r2, 11-08-1417r0 and 11-08-1437r1. Of the 15 unsatisfied
balloters one responded to LB138 changing from a "disapprove" to
"approve" reducing the total outstanding unsatisfied comments to 100.


A more complete report referencing the conditions stated in Clause 19 in
the current LMSC rules and the TGn status following recirculation LB138
are contained in the attached (small) pdf file.


The sponsor ballot pool formation was completed on August 30, 2008, has
not expired, and does not need to be refreshed.




Bruce Kraemer

Chair WG11

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Attachment: LB138 EC report on Clause 19 Conditions.pdf
Description: LB138 EC report on Clause 19 Conditions.pdf