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[802SEC] New ITU-R Question with an impact on Smart Grid

Dear EC and RR-TAG,

At the July Plenary the RR-TAG reviewed a draft question from ITU-R Study Group1 (SG1). SG1’s function is spectrum management. The enclosure announces the question’s approval. It is now Question ITU-R 236/1 titled “Impact on radiocommunication systems from wireless and wired data transmission technologies used for the support of power grid management systems”.

The full text of the new question is contained in Annex 1 of the enclosed document. If there is an interest I can provide the genesis of this question.

What could be of interest to some in 802 is in the “decides” portion of the question:

“1        What are the technical and operating features and the characteristics of wireless technologies and devices in support of power grid management systems?
2          What are the data rates, bandwidths, frequency bands and spectrum requirements needed in support of power grid management systems?
3          What are the interference considerations to radiocommunications associated with the implementation of wireless and wired technologies and devices used in support of power grid management systems?
4          How will spectrum availability be affected by interference associated with widespread deployment of such technologies and devices?”

In 2012 work will begin on answering the questions in the decides. Within SG1 the Working Party (WP) responsible for this question is WP-1A, which deals with spectrum engineering techniques.

WP-1A is proposed to meet again June 6th – 13th of 2012. That provides time for 802 to develop initial inputs in response to the questions asked in the “decides”. Work on this is meant to be completed by 2016.

The ITU-R document has been uploaded to the RR-TAG’s Mentor web site as document 18-11-0079, “Approval of 1 new ITU-R Question and 1 revised ITU-R Question”.

Glad to discuss.



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