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[802SEC] developing agenda and attendance list for 802 EC Workshop of Saturday 17 Nov


I've drafted a barebones agenda for the EC Workshop of 17 November:

This includes a link to an Action Item Register
It's currently blank. For reference, the register also includes worksheets (see tabs at the bottom) for the action item registers of the EC workshops of 2011 and 2009. A populated Action Item Register is the core deliverable of the workshop.

The agenda also includes a link to the Agenda Issue Request Table:
that lists potential agenda issues proposed for inclusion on the workshop agenda. I've added a few issues to the table to get us started. I'd like to encourage you to enter your own issues as well. To do so, use this form:

I suggest that you add your proposals by Oct 2, so that we can try to agree on a draft agenda during the Oct 9 telecon. You are also welcome to raise issues to the reflector if you think they would benefit from discussion there.

We'll need to figure out the capacity and the attendance policy. I'll be looking to Jon for assistance with logistics (including capacity) and Paul for policy direction. In the meantime, I've created an attendance list:
and a form to register your attendance:

It will probably be best to put these links onto a single Workshop web page. I'll see if John wants to put one on the IEEE 802 site.

I welcome your comments on any aspects of the workshop, including the process described here.


On 2012/08/09, at 07:15 AM, Paul Nikolich wrote:

Dear EC members,
Please remember to reserve time to attend the EC Workshop we agreed to hold on Saturday 17 NOV 2012 after the 802 plenary session. If you cannot participate, please suggest an alternate to serve in your stead.
Furthermore, Roger Marks and Steve Shellhammer have agreed to serve as Chair and Recorder respectively.  Thank you Roger and Steve.  I expect them to be soliciting input for the workshop agenda over the next couple of months--please be forthcoming with your thoughts for agenda items.
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---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector. This list is maintained by Listserv.