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[802SEC] IEEE Standards Education request to conduct video interviews at the November plenary session

Dear EC Members,

I have been requested by the IEEE Standards Education staff to inquire if your task group/force project leaders would be willing to briefly explain their project on video for educational purposes during the upcoming plenary session. I've discussed this with David Law, an active member of the IEEE Standards Education Committee, and we both think it is a good way to disseminate information into the academic community about our work.

Standards Ed are creating a series of online videos that discuss and describe a variety of standards topics and technologies. The videos will be made freely available and are intended as educational resources for university professors and students. They would like to create a series of short videos about 802 technologies by conducting short interviews with representatives from each of the 802 working groups.

What: Interview Project on IEEE 802 ​Family of Standards​ ​When: Two days during the November 2014 Plenary, San Antonio, TX
Time Commitment:     Approx 30 mins for each interview
Action Required: Please help identify two people from your working group who can ​give an overview of​ the related technology during a filmed interview in a succinct and engaging way and address what's new and emerging.

​Standards Ed staff plans to hold the interviews in one designated location ​over a period of two full days, likely on 4 Nov (Tues) and 5 Nov (Wed). This way participants can ​be scheduled for interview times during the day that fit into their particular schedules. IEEE staff will ​create interview schedules before the Plenary and will update the schedules as necessary.

A list of topics and questions will be prepared in advance and given to each participant to help him or her prepare and feel comfortable.

Interview participants will be asked to sign ​an​ release form ​ that will be given to them prior to the video shoot. ​This ​release form was used recently in a project with the IEEE-SA Standards Board and was found acceptable by those participants. It includes the ability for each participant to review and approve footage of himself before it is used.

Please send your two names/e-mails to the following by 10 OCT 2014:

I know this is short notice, if we have spare time at the end our call today we can discuss this then as well.



p.s. I know there has been some concern over the IEEE video release agreement in the past, IEEE has modified it (attached) to alleviate those concerns. It has recently been used for interviews conducted during Standards Activities Standards Board meetings.

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