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Re: [802SEC] IEEE Standards Education request to conduct video interviews at the November plenary session

Is it possible to see the list of questions so I can think about who might
best answer them?

I’d be happy to participate. My only concern is the time. I expect a full
agenda and worry that I can finish in the limited time of a plenary. That
and one of the people that I think would be excellent on the overview is
normally my stand in chair when I have to vacate the room...

Chad Jones
MGR, HW ENG, Cisco Systems
Chair, IEEE P802.3bt 4PPoE Task Force

On 10/7/14, 8:51 AM, "Paul Nikolich" <paul.nikolich@ATT.NET> wrote:

>Dear EC Members,
>I have been requested by the IEEE Standards Education staff to inquire
>if your task group/force project leaders would be willing to briefly
>explain their project on video for educational purposes during the
>upcoming plenary session.  I've discussed this with David Law, an active
>member of the IEEE Standards Education Committee, and we both think it
>is a good way to disseminate information into the academic community
>about our work.
>Standards Ed are creating a series of online videos that discuss and
>describe a variety of standards topics and technologies. The videos will
>be made freely available and are intended as educational resources for
>university professors and students. They would like to create a series
>of short videos about 802 technologies by conducting short interviews
>with representatives from each of the 802 working groups.
>What:                         Interview Project on IEEE 802 ​Family of
>​When:                        Two days during the November 2014 Plenary,
>San Antonio, TX
>Time Commitment:     Approx 30 mins for each interview
>Action Required:         Please help identify two people from your
>working group who can ​give an overview of​ the related technology
>during a filmed interview in a succinct and engaging way and address
>what's new and emerging.
>​Standards Ed staff plans to hold the interviews in one designated
>location ​over a period of two full days, likely on 4 Nov (Tues) and 5
>Nov (Wed). This way participants can ​be scheduled for interview times
>during the day that fit into their particular schedules. IEEE staff will
>​create interview schedules before the Plenary and will update the
>schedules as necessary.
>A list of topics and questions will be prepared in advance and given to
>each participant to help him or her prepare and feel comfortable.
>Interview participants will be asked to sign ​an​ release form ​
>that will be given to them prior to the video shoot. ​This ​release form
>was used recently in a project with the IEEE-SA Standards Board and was
>found acceptable by those participants. It includes the ability for each
>participant to review and approve footage of himself before it is used.
>Please send your two names/e-mails to the following by 10 OCT 2014:
>I know this is short notice, if we have spare time at the end our call
>today we can discuss this then as well.
>p.s. I know there has been some concern over the IEEE video release
>agreement in the past, IEEE has modified it (attached) to alleviate
>those concerns.  It has recently been used for interviews conducted
>during Standards Activities Standards Board meetings.
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.